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Best Love Songs Ever: 25 Timeless Tracks For Lifelong Lovers
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Best Love Songs Ever: 25 Timeless Tracks For Lifelong Lovers

From lung-busting ballads to intimate sentiments, the best love songs can put into words the feelings we find it hardest to express.


We all have songs that take us to a special place in our heads. For many of us, the most sacred are the ones that make us feel all gooey and warm inside, giving us a goofy grin we just can’t shake – and the best love songs can elicit the most gooey feelings and the goofiest grins, whether you’re cooking a romantic meal for two, or sitting on a cushion-covered, candle-lit floor, whispering sweet-nothings to each other.

Need help saying how you feel, or want to get your loved one up and dancing? Don’t say another word – our pick of the 25 best love songs ever has you covered.

Listen to our Love Songs playlist here, and check out our best love songs, below.


25: John Legend: All Of Me (2013)

Deep down, all anyone really asks from the person they love is that they be loved in return – all of them, including the annoying things they do. For anyone who wants to show their other half they love them unconditionally, John Legend’s All Of Me is the perfect song.

24: Etta James: At Last (1960)

Picture this: you’ve pushed all your furniture to the edges of your living room. You tell your partner to put on some fancy clothes. You plant a trail of rose petals back to where you stand, with just a record player off to the side. You drop the needle, look your partner in the eyes and ask them for this dance. Etta James’ voice fills the room as you hold each other close, floating around in unison, recreating the first night you ever danced together in that bar all those years ago. Can’t picture it yet…? Get At Last on the stereo, now.

23: The Real Thing: You To Me Are Everything (1976)

Feeling that mountain-moving, words-cannot-express-how-much-you-mean-to-me kind of love? They say a person that deeply in love can accomplish anything – and The Real Thing have just the song to help you show your love is the real deal.

22: Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles (2002)

It’s hard not to think of a particular head-shimmying scene in the movie White Chicks when this particular song comes on. Behind that, however, there are powerful lyrics about a lover missing their other half, including the famous declaration: “You know I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight.”

21: Aerosmith: I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing (1998)

Experiencing that out-of-body love feeling, where you just look at them, smile and think, How am I so lucky to have found you? It’s the kind of love that’s so bloody cute, it’s almost actually a little creepy… and Aerosmith say it all right here.

20: The Righteous Brothers: Unchained Melody (1965)

If you’re a fan of Ghost (the movie, not the spirit kind), Unchained Melody will stop you in your tracks and send shivers down your spine. Perfect for any date night, the sultry clay-making scene is something you will definitely be adding to your to-do list.

19: Ronan Keating: When You Say Nothing At All (1999)

Looking to get your partner feeling all the right things? Call for some help from the sultry Irish songmaster himself. This song is a true testament to the fact that just a touch or a look can say everything you need – or, in Ronan’s case, that “you’ll catch me wherever I fall”.

18: Savage Garden: Truly Madly Deeply (1997)

The best love songs don’t get any more head-over-heels soppy than this. It never hurts to let our minds wander off to a different place with the one we love – and if you’re looking for holiday inspirations, Truly Madly Deeply is full of dreamy scenarios: “I want to stand with you on a mountain, I want to bathe with you in the sea.”

17: Mariah Carey: We Belong Together (2005)

If you find yourself missing your loved ones, or have an ex you want to get back, this is the song for you. Mariah Carey can plant the right ideas in anyone’s head, so what better way is there to convince them that you are, after all, supposed to be together?

16: Alicia Keys: No One (2007)

Is yours the kind of love that conquers all? The kind of love can beat anything – any hurdle, haters, or setbacks? That gets you feeling so passionately about your other half you’d stand on a table in a packed restaurant, wine bottle for a microphone, and tell the world about it? Then this the ballad you need. Get the wine flowing, lower those inhibitions and sing it from the top of your lungs: “No one can get in the way of what I feel for you.”

15: Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1983)

Another top-of-your-lungs kind of song: turn the volume up and get your best husky voice warm (though perhaps move any candles aside to give you full head-banging and partner-swinging space).

14: Marvin Gaye: Sexual Healing (1982)

From albums like Let’s Get It On, down to this 80s classic, Marvin Gaye almost singlehandedly defined the formula for the best love songs. We don’t know if this one actually has healing powers, but it’s worth a shot…

13: Fleetwood Mac: Everywhere (1987)

This soft-starting, emotion-provoking, high-note-hitting love song sometimes get overlooked in favour of cuts from Rumours or Tusk, but this huge hit from Tango In The Night stands as one of the best Fleetwood Mac songs and helped the group see out the 80s in style.

12: Céline Dion: My Heart Will Go On (1997)

The theme tune to one of the greatest heartbreaking, ship-sinking movies of all time is a pretty special one at that. Get your tissues ready – this is the kind of song you feel throughout your whole body as your tears fill the room.

11: Madonna: Crazy For You (1985)

A song to help reminisce over the days when we’d lock eyes with a stranger across a dimly-lit bar before “two bodies become one” on the dancefloor. We have Madonna’s cameo appearance in the romantic drama Vision Quest to thank for this classic 80s love song.

10: Al Green: Let’s Stay Together (1971)

Want to tell them how you feel, but not so good at putting the words together? We love to complicate things, and sometimes struggle to just say the simplest words there are: “I’m so in love with you.” Not to worry, Al Green can do it for you. This smooth, jazzy number will say what’s on your mind – and for those who want a little more oomph, Tina Turner’s 1983 cover saw The Queen Of Rock’n’Roll make Let’s Stay Togetherher own.

9: Ben E King: Stand By Me (1961)

With Stand By Me, Ben E King reminds us that it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world, there’s never anything to be afraid of when you’ve got your love by your side.

8: Bryan Adams: Heaven (1985)

Flashback: you’re at the school disco; the boys are on one side of the room, the girls on the other. Everyone knows the words and they’re all itching to get to the dancefloor. The sweat starts dripping as the first brave boy takes the dreaded walk over, extends his hand and asks his crush to dance… Relief! It’s a resounding success; the rest of the boys follow suit, and the room fills with knee-high socks, pigtails and awkward hand-placements. Those were the days…

7: Tracy Chapman: Baby Can I Hold You (1988)

Many great love songs skip the relationship stage and go straight to heartbreak. Helping us all appreciate our own love a little more, Tracy Chapman’s Baby Can I Hold You provides the perfect combination of remorse and hope.

6: Tina Turner: The Best (1989)

Some of the best Tina Turner songs make for stonking love songs, too. The saxophone solo alone is enough to get anyone up and moving to The Queen Of Rock’n’roll’s hit cover of Bonnie Tyler’s feel-good belter. You’ll be smiling from the inside out long before the first chorus kicks in.

5: Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra: Somethin’ Stupid (1967)

Frank Sinatra may have recorded some of the best break-up albums of all time, but he had a line in the best love songs, too. Recorded with his eldest daughter, Nancy, Somethin’ Stupid cut through the late-60s psychedelia with a simple sentiment for self-effacing lovers everywhere.

4: Whitney Houston: I Have Nothing (1993)

This soft-starting, emotion-provoking, high-note-hitting track builds and builds until lovebirds everywhere are squealing at the top of their wannabe-Whitney lungs.

3: Luther Vandross: Never Too Much (1981)

There is no better combination of romantic sentiment and disco-inflected R&B than this 1981 hit for Luther Vandross. For those want to tell their loved one they can’t get enough of them, Vandross feels the same way: “A thousand kisses from you is never too much/I just don’t wanna stop.” When love is this right, who says you have to?

2: Aretha Franklin: I Say A Little Prayer (1967)

A testament to the fact that no matter what you do, or where you go, your loved-one will always be in your thoughts. The moment you wake up? Yep. Brushing your hair? Of course! If you can’t hit those high notes, let the Queen Of Soul do it for you…

1: Otis Reading: These Arms Of Mine (1962)

A classic love song to help get your slow dance on. Sometimes you just want to hold your lover close, dance cheek-to-cheek and feel lucky your arms aren’t as lonely as Otis Redding’s.

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