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17 April 2021

‘The Simpsons’ Parody Morrissey And The Smiths In New Episode

The Smiths
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The Simpsons will parody The Smiths And Morrissey in a new episode of the long-running cartoon, with ‘Panic On The Streets Of Springfield’.

The episode will feature ‘Quilloughby” – a depressive singer from 1980s Britain, who is the lead singer of The Snuffs – famous for songs including What Difference Do I Make?, Hamburger Is Homicide and How Late Is Then, with cheeky nods to The Smiths’ smash hits, What Difference Does It Make, Meat Is Murder and How Soon Is Now?.

The Simpsons writer, Tim Long shared the news on his Twitter with an image from the upcoming episode, which you can see below.

Morrissey, who was once asked to appear in a previous episode of the show (The Regina Monologues) in 2003, where The Simpsons travel to England. The episode featured cameos from author JK Rowling and then-prime minister, Tony Blair.

Instead, Quilloughby will be voiced by Oscar nominated actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. The music for the show is provided by Flight Of The Conchords’ Bret McKenzie, with lyrics by the show’s director, Debbie Mahan.

The photo released for the upcoming episode, which you can see below, sees Lisa and Quilloughby standing outside ‘Springfield Lads Club’ – a direct reference to a photograph of The Smiths outside Salford Lads Club, which was used inside the sleeve of the band’s 1986 album The Queen Is Dead. On the side of the wall is a drawing of a Homer, in a further nod to the album, mimicking its cover sleeve which features the French actor Alain Delon in the 1964 film, L’Insoumis (Missing Without Leave). Quilloughby is also shown holding a bouquet of flowers in a nod to Morrissey who often performed with flowers – particularly gladiolli- in his back pocket or hands on stage.

In an Instagram post Debbie Mahan wrote:

“I’ve worked on this show for nearly 20 years. And this — BY FAR — is the most fun I’ve ever had working on an episode. My husband, who also works on the show, is an avid Smiths fan/collector, and was our resident Morrissey expert so it truly was a labour of love.”

“I grew up as a moody kid obsessed with catchy-yet-depressing indy music from England, so this show was sort of a natural for me,” added Tim Long, who wrote the episode. “And like Marge, my parents wondered what the hell was wrong with me — they still don’t know.”


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The Simpsons airs Sundays at 8PM on FOX.

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