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31 August 2022

Muse Set For UK No 1 Album With ‘Will Of The People’

Matt Bellamy
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Muse look set to claim their seventh UK No 1 album with Will Of The People. The English rock group, comprising Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard, are currently outselling the rest of the Top 10 combined with their ninth studio album.

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Should they hit the top spot, it would also represent a chart first. Will Of The People would become the UK’s first-ever No 1 album with NFT (non-fungible token) sales contributing to the total, according to the Official Charts Company. The album is available as a limited edition ‘Digital Pressing,’ a collaboration between Warner Music UK and eco-friendly music web3 marketplace Serenade.

Muse are also in the news as for the first time in 14 years, Rock Band is adding more Muse songs to its list of available songs. A new DLC launching on Thursday will feature Knights Of Cydonia, Starlight, and Won’t Stand Down. The songs are individually available or in a pack. Additionally, all three tracks will be included in the Rock Band 4 Season 28 pass.

Meanwhile, singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy has revealed in a new interview with Total Guitar that he’s working on a signature guitar effects pedal, “”I’m actually in the process of developing a fuzz pedal that has a few features I’ve always made use of, all built into the pedal,” Bellamy said. “It will have an EQ curve that you can slide from left to right or invert to create more of a scoop. I usually find most fuzz pedals to be a little bit too full-range. Especially in how they sit in relation to the bass, drums and vocals.

“It’s in this low, kind of girthy and middley area that sits nicely above the bass guitar but comfortably below my vocal… which is more classical and theatrical than your typical rock growl,” he explained. “I don’t like too much crossover with where my vocals sit. Finding the right fuzz pedal to push that low-mid area was something we spent time on. And even after recording, whatever pedal we use, there will also be a lot of intense EQ work.

“So that’s what led me towards trying to develop something. I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m working with a few people to see how that feature can be built in, and then we’ll make it available for everyone.”

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