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17 December 2021

Hunky Dory – 50th Anniversary Releases For Classic Bowie Album

Hunky Dory picture disc
Warner Music
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Hunky Dory, David Bowie‘s 1971 classic fourth album, is to be be celebrated with two special new releases announced for its 50th anniversary.

A streaming single, Changes (2021 Alternative Mix) is available now and has been mixed from the original multi tracks by Hunky Dory producer Ken Scott. Scott explains “The new version of Changes is a fresh look at David’s classic. When listening to the original multi-track I discovered a few things that I had eliminated from the original mix and also a completely different sax solo at the end. It was those things that led me to try a new mix, trying for a slightly harder, more contemporary edge to it.”

On 7th January, 2022, one day before Bowie’s 75th birthday and 50 years to the day since the UK release of Changes as a single, Hunky Dory will be issued as a limited edition 50th anniversary picture disc, featuring the 2015 remaster and a poster featuring the annotated back cover image of the album. Pre-order the special edition picture disc here.

Although now widely acknowledged as one of the best albums of all time, Hunky Dory didn’t make a dent on the UK album charts upon its 1971 release. It wasn’t until August 1973 that it finally peaked in the UK Top 5 in the wake of a reissue of Life On Mars? following the 1972 release of Bowie’s breakthrough album, The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars.

Despite being one of David’s most recognisable songs, Changes was never a Top 40 hit in the UK, although it did peak at No 41 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1975. It has long since stood alongside Life On Mars? as one of the several beloved Bowie classics featured on Hunky Dory, which also include Kooks, Queen Bitch, Oh! You Pretty Things, Quicksand and The Bewley Brothers.


Side One
Changes – 3:37
Oh! You Pretty Things – 3:12
Eight Line Poem – 2:55
Life on Mars? – 3:43
Kooks – 2:53
Quicksand – 5:08

Side Two
Fill Your Heart – 3:07
Andy Warhol – 3:56
Song for Bob Dylan – 4:12
Queen Bitch – 3:18
The Bewlay Brothers – 5:22

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