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19 October 2023

Van Morrison Announces ‘Moondance’ Deluxe 3LP Set

Van Morrison Moondance 3LP set
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Van Morrison has announced a deluxe 3LP edition of his landmark 1970 album Moondance, featuring the 2022 Steven Wilson remix of the original album, available to pre-order now.

pre-order moondance deluxe 3LP set here

Moondance will also be reissued in a Blu-Ray edition featuring Steven Wilson’s 2022 Atmos Mix, the 2013 96/24 5.1 Mix, the 2013 192/24 Remastered Stereo, the 2022 96/24 Steven Wilson Remix, and the 2022 96/24 Steven Wilson Instrumental Mix.

A bundle featuring the 3LP set, Blu-Ray and an exclusive 7″ of Craazy Love b/w Come Running is exclusively available at Rhino’s store.

Moondance was Van Morrison’s third solo album, recorded after the Norther Irish songwriter’s move to New York following the underwhelming sales of his classic album Astral Weeks (1968). Moondance was recorded at New York’s A&R Studios in August and September 1969 and was the first album he produced himself.

Morrison spoke about the recording of the album in a 1970 Rolling Stone interview, “The rest comes naturally to me – singing it and playing it – but producing it was a whole other thing. It was the first time I had ever done it, and I had to tax my imagination for all sorts of stuff. It was a big job for me – it was fun, but it was hard work. The reason I decided to do it in the first place was just that I couldn’t find anyone else to do it. I looked around and I spoke to a lot of cats, and I had some people come up here to Woodstock, and we pushed around ideas, but no one knew what I was looking for except me, so I just did it.

“Everybody involved in the album, the other musicians and myself, had a certain feeling about the whole thing that went down. It was very human, and everybody enjoyed it. There was no uptightness about doing the album. I wouldn’t dream of doing it any other way.”

Moondance proved to be Morrison’s commercial breakthrough, reaching the US Billboard Top 30 and the UK Top 40. From this point on, the Belfast Cowboy didn’t look back.

Van Morrison – Moondance Deluxe 3LP set tracklisting:

The Original Album
Remixed by Steven Wilson (2022)

Side A
1. And It Stoned Me [4:30]
2. Moondance [4:35]
3. Crazy Love [2:34]
4. Caravan [4:57]
5. Into The Mystic [3:25]

Side B
1. Come Running [2:30]
2. These Dreams Of You [3:50]
3. Brand New Day [5:09]
4. Everyone [3:31]
5. Glad Tidings [3:13]

Side C
1. Into The Mystic (Take 11) [4:02]
2. Caravan (Take 4) [5:50]
3. Glad Tidings (Remix 2) [3:51]
4. These Dreams Of You (Remix) [4:29]

Side D
1. Come Running (Take 2) [4:36]
2. Brand New Day (Take 3) [5:22]
3. Glad Tidings (Alt. Version) [3:39]
4. Crazy Love (Alternate Mix) [2:37]

Side E
1. Caravan (Redo: Take 3) [4:57]
2. These Dreams Of You (Alt. Version) [4:00]
3. Moondance (Take 22) [4:48]
4. Glad Tidings (Take 9) [4:01]

Side F
1. I Shall Sing (Take 7) [3:58]
2. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out (Outtake) [3:25]
3. I’ve Been Working (Early Version, Take 5) [10:23]

Blu-ray Disc contents:

2022 Atmos Mix
2013 96/24 5.1 Mix
2013 192/24 Remastered Stereo
2022 96/24 Steven Wilson Remix
2022 96/24 Steven Wilson Instrumental Mix

pre-order moondance deluxe 3LP set here

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