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07 September 2022

The Waeve (Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall) Announce Self-Titled Debut Album

Graham Coxon & Rose Elinor Dougall - The Waeve
Press/Steve Gullick
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The Waeve, a new project from Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall, has announced their self-titled debut album with a video for the new song, Can I Call You. It’s due to be released on 3 February 2023, via Transgressive. Check out the tracklist and the video for Can I Call You below.

The Waeve, which features Blur guitarist Coxon on both lute and saxophone, was produced by the band and James Ford in London earlier this year. They previously released the standalone single “Something Pretty” in May.

Coxon’s last solo LP was 2012’s A+E; He’s since scored both seasons of the British black comedy series The End of the F***ing World. Dougall released her third solo album, A New Illusion, in 2019.

“There’s quite a lot of common ground in our musical influences and tastes,” Dougall explained to NME. “Graham was playing some Bert Jansch and John Martyn covers at the show we did, which is a real foundation of the music I’ve always loved. We realised that was in the bag, but then we started to talk about all these other weird things like Van der Graaf Generator and other bits.”

“They were probably good gaps for her – a big Van der Graaf Generator and King Crimson gap – and maybe a couple of other jazzy gaps,” added Coxon. “There were also some gaps in mine that are now filled with some very tasteful music!

“It was an interesting and educational time [The Waeve recording sessions] over Christmas, and I hadn’t had the best of years. We came up with the idea of how we could forge forward through life. Do we actually write some music, do something completely different, and out of our comfort zone, or just give the whole bloody thing up and forget about it, generally – life, music and all the rest of it.”

The Waeve – The Waeve

01 Can I Call You
02 Kill Me Again
03 Over And Over
04 Sleepwalking
05 Drowning
06 Someone Up There
07 All Along
08 Undine
09 Alone And Free
10 You’re All I Want To Know

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