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04 October 2023

Stevie Nicks On Fleetwood Mac: “We Can’t Go Any Further With This”

Stevie Nicks US Tour Second Leg
Photo: ZUMA PRESS INC/Alamy Stock Photo
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Stevie Nicks has spoken about the future of Fleetwood Mac and her thoughts on the hit TV show Daisy Jones & The Six in a new interview with Vulture.

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Nicks, who has been in the news this week thanks to the launch of a new Barbie inspired by her, spoke of the effect that the loss of Christine McVie has had on Fleetwood Mac’s future, “We did go out on the road and do a year-and-a-half tour with Neil Finn and Mike Campbell. We had a really great time and it was a huge tour. That was there in the realm of possibility.

“But when Christine died, I felt like you can’t replace her. You just can’t. Without her, what is it? You know what I mean? She was like my soul mate, my musical soul mate, and my best friend that I spent more time with than any of my other best friends outside of Fleetwood Mac.

“Christine was my best friend. When I think about Taylor Swift’s song You’re On Your Own, Kid and the line ‘you always have been,’ it was like, that was Christine and I. We were on our own in that band. We always were. We protected each other. Who am I going to look over to on the right and have them not be there behind that Hammond organ? When she died, I figured we really can’t go any further with this. There’s no reason to.”

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Nicks also spoke about the TV show Daisy Jones & The Six, which was loosely based on the story of Fleetwood Mac, “It was a very simple thing. It was the kind of snappy sarcasm between Daisy and Billy, who in my mind was like me and Lindsey. It was the back-and-forth between the two of them. It was so good. It was so real and it was really so right on.

“When two people capture the essence of something that reminds you of your life, it’s not like you go, They look just like us or They dress just like us. It’s something else. It’s a certain feeling that they got when they would look at each other after being in an argument and then they’d start to sing. It would blow your mind. I would be watching and be like, Well, there you go. That’s exactly why we did it. That’s exactly why Fleetwood Mac stayed together for 50 years. It was all for the music. It was all just to keep the music going, and the show got it.”

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