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14 August 2023

Stevie Nicks And Mick Fleetwood Share Statements On Maui Wildfires

Stevie Nicks
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Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood have shared statements on the Maui wildfires, which have left at least 80 dead and have devastated the town of Lahaina and its surrounding areas.

Nicks owns a house nearby, and on Saturday afternoon she posted on social media reflecting on the disaster.

“There was no way to know that this amazing town that had survived so much for so long would burn down and disappear into the history books, leaving so much sadness, destruction, and death behind it in its wake,” Nicks wrote. “This island, in so many ways, defines Fleetwood Mac and me and our families.

“Mick and I came here in 1978, went up to Kula to look at a huge, beautiful house and stood in front of it listening to the gentle magical wind. He said to me ~ “I will live and die on this island.” I knew he was telling the truth. John also lived here in Maui for a long time – Christine never lived here but visited many times.

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“The Lahaina that we knew – The Lahaina that in many ways connect Fleetwood Mac and our music to the world, is gone,” she went on. “But my memories of everything that happened to me there is clear as a bell.”

As Nicks mentions in her message, Mick Fleetwood opened a restaurant in Lahaina called Fleetwood’s On Front St. in 2012. It has been destroyed in the fires, he revealed in an Instagram post a few days ago. “MAUl and The Lahaina community have been my home for several decades,” Fleetwood wrote. “This is a devastating moment for MAUl and many are suffering unimaginable loss.”

He continued: Fleetwoods on front Street has been lost and while we are heartbroken our main priority is the safety of our dear staff and team members. On behalf of myself and my family I share my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the people of MAUI. We are committed to supporting the community and those affected by this disaster in the days month and years to come.”

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