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12 April 2022

Simon Le Bon Talks Duran Duran Gigs, Living In The Moment

Simon Le Bon
Photo: Deyan Raric/Alamy Stock Photo
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Simon Le Bon has reflected on the importance of living in the moment and Duran Duran gigs in a new interview on the Three Little Words podcast. Talking to hosts John Bishop and Tony Pitts, Le Bon explained, “If you’re not in the present, you really miss out on your life, completely and utterly. It sort of dawned on me over a period of time, really, I think in the nineties.”

He revealed he shared his way of thinking with Duran Duran bandmate John Taylor: “We realised that we shouldn’t be thinking about what we’re gonna do next, that thing that’s down the road. Think about what you’re doing now! Because that is most important, it’s the only thing you’re actually living with, you can only live in the present. You can’t live the past, you can’t live the future.”

With Duran Duran set to head out on a string of tour dates across the UK and Europe this summer, Simon Le Bon went on to discuss how the band put their live show together, “We try and give the show a dynamic. So, we start off with a banger, and then two or three bangers in a row is a great way to start the show.

“Then we go and try some new music out, and after you’ve done that then maybe do something a bit esoteric and maybe take it down, take the tempo down, take the energy down, and have like a dark, more introspective part of the show.

“After that, I prefer to come back suddenly with something that’s really high energy and maintain that until the end of the show. And you go out and give those songs to the people in the audience. It’s about giving the songs that people love back to them.”

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