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27 January 2021

Sheila E Is Working On A Biopic About Her Relationship With Prince

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Sheila E has announced that she is working on a biopic about her relationship with Prince that will tell the “beautiful story” of their time together.

Taking to Facebook to share the news, Sheila E revealed the film will be called Girl Meets Boy, a nod to the 2016 song of the same name that she released, as a tribute to the late Prince.

Sheila E and Prince had a long history together, with the pair meeting at a concert in the late 70s, with the “Queen of percussion” going on to collaborate with Prince, providing backing vocals on his single, Erotic City, and supporting him on his Purple Rain tour with her band and where they had a brief romantic relationship. During Prince’s 1988-1989 LoveSexy tour, the pair were also briefly engaged. Speaking to Emine Saner for the Guardian in September 2020, she said: Prince secretly proposed to her on stage, mouthing “marry me” during one concert. Why didn’t they get married? “I don’t know,” she says, sounding for the first time a little weary of talking about him (she is, of course, always asked about him). “We just grew apart.” There had been musical differences – Escovedo didn’t particularly like the overtly sexy direction Prince was taking. “I loved everything that we did together but [we were] at a place [where] it didn’t feel right to either of us.”

In 1984, Sheila E released The Glamorous Life, with the album produced by Sheila E and Prince (credited to “The Starr ★ Company”), and Prince also penned the title track, as well as The Belle Of St Mark and Noon Rendezvous. Prince would also contribute to her next album, 1985’s Romance 1600 – where he wrote all of the songs and produced the record. Both Romance 1600 and Sheila E’s eponymous third solo album were issued on Prince’s own Paisley Park record label.

While the pair continued to collaborate for years after, they were reputedly no longer on speaking terms prior to his death.

Sheila E has not confirmed when the film about her relationship with Prince is coming out, or where fans will be able to watch it, but told people to “stay tuned.”

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