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14 October 2022

Seal Releases ‘The Beginning (Roundabout Mix)’ 2022 Remaster

Rhino/Philippe McClelland
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Seal has shared the latest track from the upcoming deluxe reissue of his self-titled 1991 debut album, released on 4 November. The Beginning (Roundabout Mix) (2022 Remaster) is available to stream now.

Pre-order Seal: Deluxe edition here

Seal will release a deluxe edition of his self-titled 1991 debut album on 4 November. The landmark album will be released as a 4CD+2LP deluxe edition packaged in a 12”x12” hardcover book that includes rare photos and sleevenotes by music writer Jim Farbe.

Seal: Deluxe Edition includes a newly remastered version of the original album on CD and a double-LP with an etching on the final side. The set’s three remaining CDs feature an extensive selection of rare recordings from the era, including early mixes, remixes, and more, as well as a previously unreleased 13-track concert performance. All the music on the Deluxe Edition will be released the same day on digital and streaming services. On the same day, a Dolby Atmos mix of the album created by the original producer, Trevor Horn, will also be available.


Disc One: Original Remastered

1. “The Beginning”
2. “Deep Water”
3. “Crazy”
4. “Killer”
5. “Whirlpool”
6. “Future Love Paradise”
7. “Wild”
8. “Show Me”
9. “Violet”

Disc Two: Rare

1. “Crazy” – Acoustic/Instrumental
2. “Crazy” – Premix Version
3. “Killer” – Premix Version
4. “Violet” – Premix Version
5. “Wild” – Premix Version
6. “Deep Water” – Premix Version
7. “Whirlpool” – Premix Version
8. “Future Love Paradise” – Reprise
9. “A Minor Groove”
10. “Sparkle” – Extended Version
11. “Deep Water” – Acoustic

Disc Three: Remixes

1. “Killer” – Single Edit
2. “Killer” – William Orbit Remix
3. “Killer” – William Orbit Dub
4. “The Beginning” – Single Remix
5. “The Beginning” – Giro E Giro Mix
6. “The Beginning” – Round the Underground Dub
7. “The Beginning” – Round the Underground Mix
8. “The Beginning” – Roundabout Mix
9. “Crazy” – Single Mix
10. “Crazy” – Acapella
11. “Crazy” – Do You Know the Way to L.A. Mix
12. “Crazy” – Chick On My Tip Mix
13. “Krazy”

Disc Four: Live at The Point, Dublin (December 16, 1991)

1. “Deep Water” *
2. “The Beginning” *
3. “Future Love” *
4. “Paradise” *
5. “Violet” *
6. “Show Me” *
7. “Hey Joe” *
8. “Killer” *
9. “Whirlpool” *
10. “A Minor Groove” *
11. “Crazy” *
12. “Wild” *
13. “Hide” *

* previously unreleased

2LP Track Listing

Side One

1. “The Beginning”
2. “Deep Water”
3. “Crazy”

Side Two

1. “Killer”
2. “Whirlpool”
3. “Future Love Paradise”

Side Three

1. “Wild”
2. “Show Me”
3. “Violet”

Side Four


Pre-order Seal: Deluxe edition here

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