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26 November 2021

Robert Plant Reflects On His Post Led Zeppelin Career And More

Robert Plant And Alison Krauss
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Robert Plant has spoken about his career after Led Zeppelin went their separate ways and suggested a way for Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger to get along in a new interview for Rolling Stone‘s Music Now podcast. Plant and Alison Krauss were interviewed to promote their new album, Raise The Roof, out now.

Robert Plant reflected on his solo career after being part of Led Zeppelin, one of the biggest bands of all time: “I was always trying to escape the shadow of what had happened to me between 1968 and 1980. So I was trying so many different things just to expand myself without really worrying about taking along an audience that only wanted me to be on autopilot. I made good music and I made questionable music, but I did it all with great flurry. And there’s only a minor embarrassment now, maybe perhaps a few dodgy haircuts. I mean, when you’re on maximum rotation on MTV, it’s just, how the hell did that happen? From the hammer of the gods to, um, [1983 solo ballad] Big Log.”

When discussing the ongoing spat between McCartney and Jagger, which flared up after McCartney recently called The Rolling Stones “a blues cover band,” Plant laughed it off and had a creative solution: “I don’t think there’s any fighting. They’ve known each other since 1963. They love each other desperately… [McCartney] should just play bass with the Stones.”

Krauss went on to discuss the difficulties of singing with Plant on stage: “The part that wasn’t fun was that he’s singing so off the cuff all the time. It’s hard to harmonize if someone’s constantly in that state, which is magical if you’re not trying to harmonize, but if I’m trying to harmonize with it, it didn’t make it easy.”

Order Raise The Roof here.

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