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15 December 2023

Paramore On Taylor Swift And Surviving As A Band

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Paramore have spoken about their relationship with Taylor Swift, surviving as a band and finding their sound in a new interview with Uproxx.

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Singer Hayley Williams spoke about their friendship with Swift, who they’ll be supporting next summer on the UK & European legs of her massive Eras Tour. “We’re two artists that came into this at the same time,” Williams says. “I mean, we know how rare it is to last this long in the music industry.

“It’s amazing what she’s traversed through and not only managed to last, but continue to get better as an artist, get bigger in her appeal. We’ve been in this for as long and we’ve really survived a lot, whether that is self-inflicted shit or just the industry at large and the world at large. But to be able to play with an artist like her for me represents how long we’ve been at this, and how much shit we’ve seen. Now, it’s time to have a fun summer.”

Williams went on to reflect on the evolution of the band. “All the little quirks or the things that made us different in one way or another, I think are part of the reason that we’re here,” Williams says. Because we started so young, “we knew that we were outliers in one way or another. It was either that I was a girl or we were maybe not the heaviest band and we were playing with all these metal bands. I’m so glad we’ve been different enough, because we’ve been different enough to stand out.”

“There’s something about the combination of the three of us that I think just works and we balance each other out and drive each other crazy in the right way,” Williams says. “It’s the best that it’s ever worked because there’s a joy to it, there’s a playfulness to it, and then that seriousness of always wanting to challenge each other and ourselves to get better every time.”

“We are a band that has survived a lot of technological advances, a lot of cultural upheavals,” Williams says. “I don’t understand how we’re still here, truly, but I feel very fortunate.”

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