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15 March 2023

Micky Dolenz On Keeping The Monkees Legacy Alive

Micky Dolenz (second left) with The Monkees (l-r): Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith. Pic credit: Alamy
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Micky Dolenz has spoken to Rolling Stone about being the last remaining member of The Monkees and his late bandmate, Mike Nesmith.

Dolenz is about to head out on a 25-date North American tour, during which he’ll be performing The Monkees’ 1967 album Headquarters in full. “I insist on doing it,” he said. “All the band members I hire, I insist on doing those songs in their entirety with the same arrangement. That’s so important because people sing along. I do those big hits. I’ve found over the years that if the bulk of the audience knows I’m doing those big hits, then that’s the price of admission. I can then do kind of anything else I want

“We’ll open with some of the big hits, people love that, and then do Headquarters, and then end with some of the big hits.”

The singer-songwriter went on to discuss his role as the last remaining Monkee, “I’m not necessarily a spiritual person, but I am a philosophic person. It’s sort of a ‘Why me?’ to the universe… It’ll remain unanswered. But I am trying to uphold the legacy. It’s also my job. It is weird being the last man standing.”

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Newsmith also spoke about missing his bandmate Nesmith – who died aged 78 in 2021, “I wish Nesmith would have been around long enough to [be on the new tour performing] this album, which he was so responsible for putting together.

“We were all obviously supporting him… It was so apparent he had health issues. He had them for a few years. We were getting more and more worried. He was not forced in any way, obviously. At times, I was like, ‘Nez, are you sure you want to do this? Let’s take some time off’. ‘No! I’m going to get through it’. Looking back, I think he saw the writing on the wall.

“He was a very private person. He didn’t talk about it. Every once in a while he made a joke about it to me, but I was about the only one he’d even talk to about this.”

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