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05 October 2020

Mick Fleetwood Recreates Viral ‘Dreams’ Video On TikTok

Mick Fleetwood TikTok Dreams video
ZUMA Press, Inc/Alamy Stock Photo
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TikTok user Nathan Apodaca – aka @420doggface208 – went viral in September after he posted himself skating around Idaho, drinking cranberry juice and miming to a classic Fleetwood Mac ballad, Dreams. Captioning the video “morning vibe”, Apodaca quickly amassed over 20 million views and four million likes on TikTok, while streaming numbers for Dreams doubled, from 49,000 daily streams to 105,000.

After catching wind of the video, Fleetwood Mac co-founder Mick Fleetwood joined TikTok and created his own answer video, drinking from a bottle of cranberry-and-raspberry-flavoured Ocean Spray as he skated down his driveway. “@420doggface208 had it right,” he wrote. “Dreams and Cranberry just hits different.”


@420doggface208 had it right. Dreams and Cranberry just hits different. #Dreams #CranberryDreams #FleetwoodMac

♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood’s TikTok video marks the second time in two weeks that he has returned to a classic Fleetwood Mac track. On 26 September, the Fleetwood Mac drummer released a new recording of the group’s song These Strange Times. Originally released on Fleetwood Mac’s 1995 album, Time, Fleetwood re-recorded the song as part of his Da*da*ism project, adding a snippet from the Peter Green-era Mac classic, Albatross, to the end. He also created a nine-minute video that covers everything from the coronavirus pandemic to race riots and climate disaster.

“The project is about the energy of choice,” Fleetwood explained. “Of deciding if you want to be a part of the dark or the light when push comes to shove, which seems very apropos at this moment in history.”

Going on to explain that “it was a soul-searching exercise that I was driven to do”, Fleetwood also admitted that he didn’t know “when would be the time to release it”. “Now I know why,” he added. “The time is now.”

With Fleetwood returning to classics in his back catalogue, and TikTok users like Nathan Apocada helping Dreams to reach a new audience, might we hear rumours of more Fleetwood Mac activity in the future? It’s good to have a dream…

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