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21 March 2022

Matt Bellamy On New Muse LP, “I genuinely think it’s our best album”

Mallorca Muse
Photo: ITAR-TASS News Agency/Alamy Stock Photo
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Matt Bellamy of Muse has spoken to Zane Lowe at Apple Music about the three-piece’s new album, Will Of The People, the band’s relationship with prog rock, and getting tour ready again after an extended period away from the stage.

Bellamy elaborated on what fans can expect from Will Of The People, Muse’s ninth studio album, “We’ve always tried to think outside the box. We’ve never been one particular genre. This album goes from metal all the way to pop to my first version to an Adele song… a lot of electronica. We produced it ourselves. We were analysing everything we’ve done to date. The last song on the album is called We Are Fucking Fucked. I’m really happy and proud of it. I genuinely think it’s our best album.”

The singer and guitarist went on to discuss the changing dynamic of the band, crediting drummer Don Howard with taking the lead on Will Of The People, “I sort of let Dom take the lead a little bit. That’s why this album’s taken two years. Every decision takes like a week for him to come back to us. Normally I just rush everything. With him he’s really slow, takes his time with every decision. I allowed him to make a lot of decisions about what was good and what wasn’t.”

Having not played a gig since 2019, Bellamy suggested that he was a little rusty ahead of the band’s upcoming tour, “I’ve literally forgotten how to play a show — apparently I’m a rock star, that’s what people tell me. I’ve seen some videos. I’m literally getting back into the gym now. That’s how far away it seems to me.”

Matt Bellamy also spoke about Muse’s fanbase , “Sometimes our weirdest stuff to this day, fans love it. To this day they are still holding onto that stuff. There’s definitely a sec of our fanbase that wants us to stay in 8-minute prog nightmares.”

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