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20 July 2023

Mark Ronson On New Dua Lipa Album, “It’s Incredible”

Mark Ronson
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Mark Ronson has given a new interview to Vulture, in which he talks about producing the Barbie soundtrack album and new Dua Lipa material.

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Ronson emphasised how much fun it was producing the Barbie soundtrack, “I’m extremely grateful. I’m sure I would’ve been stressing it from the beginning if it had come to me through Atlantic Records or Warner Bros. Pictures, like, This is our big-tent movie for summer 2023, what are your hits? It just felt like, let’s have fun as long as what we make is incredible.”

The producer went on to discuss the making of Dua Lipa’s smash hit single, Dance The Night, from the soundtrack, “Coming up with the instrumental that became Dance The Night, I felt pretty free to create. I wasn’t thinking, This has got to be the summer smash. It was like, I’m really inspired by this film. I wanted to give them something that’s got disco, but has an unexpected slightly harder edge to it.

“I tried about three or four things and then I finally had this one that I liked and I sent it to Greta [Gerwig, Barbie director]. I think I named it “Tastes Like Barbie,” because I just thought it sounded cool. I didn’t think the whole project hung in the balance — if she didn’t like that track, I was out — but I just wanted her to like it so badly. And she wrote back, “Oh my God, I’ve listened to this 100 times already on the way to the set. My driver says it’s a hit.” This is just the most basic instrumental ever. So they started to do all these dance rehearsals to it. And, listen, it’s not my first time ever at the rodeo, but to walk in and see a piece of music I made on a film set of that level of people rehearsing, and Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling and shit doing choreo, it was kind of rad.”

Ronson went on to discuss Dua Lipa’s eagerly awaited new material, “I mean, I’ve heard some of it and it’s incredible. I think that’s why there’s the disco ball that smashes in the video, right? This feels like her triumphant stomp on that era of her music into whatever she does next.”

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