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29 November 2023

Maisie Peters On Ed Sheeran: “I’m So Grateful He Believed In Me”

Maisie Peters
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Maisie Peters has spoken about her relationship with mentor Ed Sheeran, her most recent album The Good Witch and writing about gender in a new interview with Rolling Stone UK.

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Peters reflected on her time spent on the road with Sheeran, after supporting the star on multiple occasions over the past two years. “I get to say that I did that forever,” she said. “It’s a crazy thing to have done in your life. I did it when I was 22, 23, and it’s just the coolest.

“We did America, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe… It was crazy. I learned so much. I see videos of myself from the first Irish shows, where we began, and it feels like a different lifetime, a different version of myself. I just felt like a different person before this year. I’m so grateful that he took me around the world and believed in me.”

“He’s so generous and kind, and he’s really talented, and he’s smart,” she continues. “It’s a privilege to get to tour with somebody like that, someone that’s also just so good as a human being. It’s the easiest and the best thing because he’s so lovely.”

Peters went on to talk about the writing process for her latest album, The Good Witch, “I wrote this album about that time in my life. It depicts the same six months with, give or take, a few different songs.”

“As I get older, I’ve tended to draw on my own life more frequently, but that’s not necessarily always chronologically accurate. I’ll write about something that happened four years ago like it was yesterday — it doesn’t matter to me. I am The Good Witch; I make what I want out of the things that are happening.

“There are a lot of threads and themes that look at gender and in what it is to identify as a woman and what it is to know men, which sounds a bit dramatic,” she says. “It’s funny because if you were to count the most used words in The Good Witch, they are the words ‘obsessed’ and the word ‘man’. I don’t know what that reflects about me, but it’s something to think about…”

Maisie Peters will tour the UK and Europe next year.

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