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28 July 2022

Madonna: “No One’s Going To Tell My Story But Me”

Press/Tom Munro
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Madonna has spoken about her future plans and the progress she’s made with her biopic in a new interview with Variety.

When asked about her plans for her music going forward, Madonna hinted at an upcoming tour, “I’m just looking for interesting, fun ways to rerelease my catalogue and introduce my music to a new generation. I’m focused on that and I’ve been writing a screenplay for my film for the last couple of years. The whole thing with Frozen was so fun, but I woke up one day and went, ‘I’m sick of living in the past!’ I want to go on tour again, I’m a creature of the stage. That is my happy place.”

Madonna was unequivocal when asked whether she had considered selling her song catalogue, suggesting it wasn’t an idea that she would entertain, “Because they’re my songs. Ownership is everything isn’t it?”

Moving on to discuss her long awaited biopic, Madonna suggested it was still in the early stages, “I’ve had an extraordinary life, I must make an extraordinary film. It was also a pre-emptive strike because a lot of people were trying to make movies about me. Mostly misogynistic men. So I put my foot in the door and said, “No one’s going to tell my story, but me.”

Talking about her relationship with music mogul Guy Oseary, Madonna opened up, “I was always the adventurous, crazy one. As soon as Guy would get a little look of fear in his eyes, I’d think it was a good idea. I would use him as a weathervane. But that didn’t happen right away. We were on even ground and then, as the years went by, he took on a more of a parental role. He was always very practical. When I would go on tour, he would try to get me to do less production because then I would have less overhead and make more money. He was always the voice of reason and I was the mischievous one pushing the envelope.”

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