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30 April 2021

‘Just A Gigolo’ Starring David Bowie Gets First Blu-Ray Release In June

Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Stock Photo
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Shout! Factory have announced the release of Just A Gigolo on Blu-ray for the first time on 29 June. The film will also be available on DVD, digital and on demand the same day. The drama, starring David Bowie, has been newly remastered from original sources, presenting the film for the first time ever in high definition. The release comes complete with a 32-page booklet and with bonus features including The Making of Gigolo with Producer/Writer Joshua Sinclair and Assistant to the Director Rory MacLean, as well as audio commentary with Rory MacLean.

Paul von Przygodski (David Bowie), a young Prussian gentleman, arrives in the trenches in time to be caught in the final explosion of the Great War. After recuperating in a military hospital, where he is mistaken for a French hero, he returns to Berlin. His family home has been turned into a boarding house, his father (Rudolf Sch√ľndler) is paralyzed, and his mother (Maria Schell) is working in the Turkish baths.

Attempting to find a new purpose, his childhood friend, Cilly (Sydne Rome), abandons him for fame and fortune; his former commanding officer, Captain Kraft (David Hemmings), tries to persuade him to join his right-wing movement and a widow, Helga von Kaiserling (Kim Novak), briefly seduces him with the finer things in life.

In a society where the individual comes first and anyone can be bought, he is recruited by Baroness von Semering (Marlene Dietrich) as one in her regiment of gigolos.

The cynical and decadent world of entertaining rich widows leads an increasingly disillusioned Paul to a poignant, chilling end.

Bowie, who had previously acted in The Man Who Fell To Earth, had created his 1977 album, “Heroes” in Berlin and was fascinated with Weimar Germany. He contributed a song to the film; Revolutionary Song, written with Jack Fishman, which was credited to a band called The Rebels.

Fans can pre-order Just A Gigolo here

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