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08 December 2023

Gorillaz Artist Jamie Hewlett Shares New Collection ‘Warriors’

Jamie Hewlett
Press/photo credit Emma de Caunes
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Jamie Hewlett, artist and co-creator of Gorillaz, has announced Warriors, a new career-spanning collection. The artwork that comprise Warriors spans 27 years of making and presents eight figurative artworks that embody strength, resistance and independence.

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Jamie Hewlett said – “With this collection I wanted to make something tangible, something to hang on the wall rather than to be viewed on a device. What is present-day equivalent of a warrior? These upsetters and disrupters are my idea of warriors.”

Born in 1968, the British artist Jamie Hewlett occupies a unique position in the cultural landscape. A prolific creative and polymath who defies easy categorisation, Hewlett has worked at an unrelenting pace for over three decades while constantly reinventing his artistic language. Across a career which has seen him move effortlessly between the worlds of design, art and music, Hewlett has often captured the zeitgeist with his pioneering, energetic work. This work has seen Hewlett reference and celebrate a variety of sources and inspiration, from hip hop to opera and zombie slasher movies to westerns, blending a multitude of global cultural influences in work which always adopts a punk-like sensibility.

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The eight pieces in the Warriors collection are described here in Hewlett’s own words:

• Inter Stella is escaping our world and building her own, in another universe
• The original Tank Girl existed only on paper. She got lost, but I’ve brought her back
• Snake Head Rattle is a high priestess, and of a global mashup of influences
• I feel like I’ve known Bear Hood all my life, or if not I want to know her
• Filament Rouge, a misfit superhero, a blurry apparition coming from the shadows
• Front Line Defendant is possibly my closest interpretation of a modern day warrior?
• Kali transcends good and evil, she’s the divine mother
• The Golden Hoop is focussed even though she knows we are watching

Warriors marks a new chapter in Hewlett’s career as an artist, it is the first time his artwork has been presented in one place for collectors and art lovers to explore and acquire. Warriors will be the first of his collections and more announcements will follow in early 2024.

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