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02 July 2022

Ed Sheeran Promises North American Tour Is Imminent

Ed Sheeran And Camilo Cabello
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Ed Sheeran has confirmed that a North American leg of his Mathematics tour is in the works. In an interview on the US chat show, The Late Late Show, Sheeran revealed that he’ll be touring the US – but probably not until next year.

“I think we’re gonna announce by the end of the year,” Sheeran teased. “We’re basically finalising a route now.”

“I’m super excited to bring this tour, it’s an insane-looking tour,” Sheeran continued. “We basically planned it from the end of the ‘÷’ tour, because it was sort of well-publicised that it was the most people had gone to this tour, so I was like if we come back, we have to do all bells and whistles. The stage is nuts… there are fireworks and flames, there’s a band, it’s a whole thing.”

Sheeran talked about how his live show has evolved over the years, “You go on tour, for my first album, I basically just played my first album live. And my second album was like little bits of both, and my third album was little bits of both, whereas this one the setlist is pretty much just songs people know.”

Ed Sheeran has also been in the news after auctioning a guitar to fund a new music centre in Suffolk. The BBC reports the “Bad Habits” singer raffled off one of his guitars, and the funds were enough to help open the SRH Music Ark at a primary school in his hometown. The guitar helped raise £52,765.

Head teacher Helen Picton said, “We have a music pod that is open to all to our neurodivergent children, we have a disabled toilet so we can have disabled facilities for the children,” she explained. “Music is the heart of our school and to actually have this wonderful resource here is a very emotional thing.”

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