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28 February 2023

Brandi Carlile To Guest On New Miley Cyrus Album

Brandi Carlile
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Brandi Carlile is among the guests on the new Miley Cyrus album, Endless Summer Vacation, due 10 March.

The 13-track collection opens with the Cyrus’s Billboard Hot 100 No 1 smash Flowers, and also features the songs Jaded, Rose Colored Lenses, You, Handstand, Violet Chemistry, Wildcard and Wonder Woman, as well collaborations with Sia (on Muddy Feet) and Carlile (on Thousand Miles.)

Brandi Carilile was most recently in the news for winning three Grammy Awards at the 2023 ceremony – Best American Album (for In These Silent Days), Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance (both for Broken Horses). “Rock ‘n’ roll!” Carlile shouted as she accepted the best rock performance award, “Oh, I cannot tell you how much this means to us. We were born and raised in Seattle and when I met these guys [bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth] 22 years ago, we decided to get in a van and be a band together, and I met them and they were covered in Ramones tattoos, they had never even played an acoustic guitar. And then this happened.”

Accepting the best rock song honour, Carlile exclaimed. “Oh, I’ll never be the same. My mom’s out there, Teresa Carlile. Mom, I gotta thank you for telling me to stop singing so angry because I obviously ignored that like I ignored everything you ever told me to do. But I cut my hair and I learned how to scream and I just won a Grammy for a rock ‘n’ roll song that I wrote with all my heart.”

And when In These Silent Days won the award for best Americana album, Carlile said, “We recorded this album in one room, one place, live,” she said. “We kept first or second takes, we kept our hearts right on our sleeve. And it means everything to me to win this in Americana, which is my community that I love so much.”

Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation tracklisting

1. Flowers
2. Jaded
3. Rose Colored Lenses
4. Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile)
5. You
6. Handstand
7. River
8. Violet Chemistry
9. Muddy Feet (feat. Sia)
10. Wildcard
11. Island
12. Wonder Woman
13. Flowers (Demo)

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