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15 January 2023

Blur Drummer Dave Rowntree Talks Glastonbury Rumours

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Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has spoken about rumours the band will play Glastonbury and his new solo album in a new interview.

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Rowntree spoke to The Guardian about how the experience of playing together in 2019 for a surprise three-song set at Damon Albarn’s Africa Express show brought Blur back together. “We all went: ‘Oh, yeah, it’s actually really good, isn’t it, when we all play together?’”

When asked about the rumours that Blur would play Glastonbury as part of their summer reunion Rowntree said, “Well, we haven’t been asked. You can’t play Wembley and Glastonbury, can you? Wouldn’t that be a bit off?… No one, as far as I know, from Glastonbury has approached us. We may do some warm-ups and stuff like that – we usually do… Not that we’ve planned to. Not that Dave from Blur is revealing anything!”

When asked whether he plans to follow in Graham Coxon and Alex James’ footsteps and write about his time in Blur, Rowntree said, ““In the first kind of decade of the band, I had a camera with me constantly, so I’ve got boxes of photos, I’ve no idea how many, from those early days. One day, I will go through all those photos and if I was going to do a book, it would probably be about that.”

Rowntree went on to discuss the relationship he and the other members of Blur have these days, “It’s funny, but we always slot together like a jigsaw puzzle. Even though we’ve all grown and changed and kind of moved on, when we come back together, we slot back into a relationship that we all know works… I’ve always said [it’s because] we were all boys with one sister – but also, all of us wanted to be pop stars. When we got together, it was like a magic button got pressed. We became each other’s brothers, really. We made a new family for each other.”

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