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28 October 2022

Andy Taylor Shares New Solo Single, ‘Man’s A Wolf To Man’

Andy Taylor
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Andy Taylor, the songwriter, guitarist, and singer behind hits from Duran Duran, The Power Station, Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, The Almighty ,Thunder & The Ting Tings has returned with a new solo single, Man’s A Wolf To Man.

Andy, who is to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on 5 November for his work with Duran Duran, says of the new track, “A musician’s life is about bringing people together – a politician’s life is to divide us. The song divides itself between hope & fear, the hope that we can live peacefully as one shaded by the fear that we’re rolling in a very destructive direction. I wrote this song 5-years ago – I wanted to find a way to describe what I was witnessing, the rapid polarisation of society, into tribal war, which we’ve accepted as the new norm, to a point that when one encounters another as ‘not one of their own kind’, it’s become acceptable to say and do terrible things to each other, purely because you believe or have been told that the other person “is not of your own kind”. That Is When – A Man Is A Wolf To Man.”

Man’s A Wolf To Man was produced by Taylor & co-written with his long-time friend and collaborator Mathias Lindblom and mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein). Andy describes the track as the moment he realised he was onto something for the forthcoming new album and that he had music that could reach a broad audience, both old Duran fans and rock’n’roll lovers. What unites it all, he thinks, is “A lot of Bowie that’s lived inside me, particularly vocally.”

Andy Taylor has the kind of history that real rock stars have. The kind that encompasses huge hit records, mind-boggling excess, and triumph over the odds. The kind that has seen him be part of the biggest band of a generation, produce Rod Stewart and help make Thunder stars in their own right by producing their first album. The kind that made him part of not just Duran Duran but then The Power Station with Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson and then make good on Duran Duran’s promise to combine Chic and the Sex Pistols by working with Steve Jones on Andy’s debut solo album Thunder in 1987.

Andy has sold tens of millions of albums as a member of Duran Duran, the leading light in the MTV-driven Second British Invasion of the US in the 80s. Although the original five-piece reformed for a sold-out world tour and album Astronaut in 2004 the band’s performance at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame will be the first time they have played together in 17 years.

Man’s A Wolf To Man is taken from Andy’s second solo album of original material which BMG will release in Spring 2023.

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