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13 May 2024

Listen To Wallows’ New Single ‘A Warning’

Wallows Single A Warning
Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invasion/AP
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Wallows have released a new single A Warning, which you can listen to below.

A Warning is the latest cut from their imminent third album Model. The band (Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston) will release the full-length on 24 May.

The band recently returned with a new singles Bad Dream, Calling After Me and Your Apartment. The latter – co-written by the band and Nate Mercereau, and produced by John Congleton – marked their first new material since their 2022 album, Tell Me That It’s Over.

Pre-order Model here.


In support of Model, Wallows will be heading out on tour in the UK this October. Visit the band’s official website for further information.

The band recently spoke to Rolling Stone about their return. “We want this to be the most approachable album we’ve made. I want people to put this on if they’re not really a fan of us, and be gripped immediately,” Minnette said. “We don’t want to take too much of their attention, but we want to keep it. We keep them the whole time and make them want to come back.”

“I was always freaking out. I think this is the first album where I just put the music on and said, ‘This sounds great.’ I don’t have any anxiety about it,” added Lemasters. “I’m not overthinking it at all [anymore]. I’m just happy with the instincts we had in the studio and the way that it all turned out.”

Discussing previous single Calling After Me, Minnette said, “So far, it’s the lightest and most playful song we’ve had yet lyrically. It’s an ‘I like you, you like me’ love song. And we haven’t really had a song like that. I feel like a lot of our songs’ lyrical content is shrouded in uncertainty and insecurities. This is more assured and it’s fun.”

And Preston went on to talk about the album title, “There are numerous definitions that come to mind when you hear the word Model: a person model, or a model home, or you’re trying to be a model citizen. And I feel like that aligns well with what it feels like to be on the internet nowadays where there’s so much pressure to be a certain way.”

Pre-order Model here.


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