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09 July 2022

Turnstile On Their Amazing Year: “We’ve Been Blessed”

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Turnstile frontman Brendan Yates has spoken to NME about becoming one of the must-see live bands of the summer and what’s next for the Baltimore hardcore band.

Yates described how it feels for Turnstile to reach new audiences, “The ability to reach whoever might be looking for our music, and seeing that happen, is always an amazing feeling. Since we’ve been able to play live again, the opportunities we’ve been blessed with to play for so many new people… I think playing music, no matter who you ask, it’s always an exciting opportunity, especially to never feel like you’re doing the same thing [and that] you’re always constantly growing. That doesn’t necessarily mean the size [of a crowd], but more so growing as far as challenging yourself, putting yourself in new scenarios and taking your opportunities to grow moving forward.”

Yates went on to talk about following up Turnstile’s acclaimed 2021 album, Glow On, “We’re always writing; there’s always ideas and trying things. Whatever we end up doing is a culmination of years of thinking about things and taking opportunities – sometimes spontaneously, sometimes having planned for years. I think that there’s never really a plan set in place that has the potential to be disrupted if we wake up one morning and want to try something else. We try to never really apply too much structure to it, so it feels as boundless as it possibly can.

“Whether that means that the next record comes out next year, or comes out in 10 years, or whether we play a million shows or don’t play for a long time, we try to always listen to where we’re at and listen to where our instinct is pulling us forward, and make sure that it feels like it’s something we want to be doing at all times. I think that’s why we never put any set bounds on the terms of cycles or campaigns or anything like that. When the stars align for things to happen, we follow them.”

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