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03 October 2022

Tori Amos Announces UK Tour Dates For 2023

TorI Amos
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Tori Amos has announced six UK tour dates for 2023. Tickets are available here. The singer-songwriter will be performing with long-time collaborator bassist Jon Evans and renowned UK drummer Ash Soan, with special guest support to be announced.

The shows follow the 2019 release of Amos’ most recent album, Ocean To Ocean. The record debuted at No 2 on the US Billboard Current Alternative Albums Chart and No 6 on the Billboard Album Sales Chart, marking Amos’ tenth Top 10 appearance.

In an interview with Spin on the release of Ocean To Ocean, Amos opened up about what inspired the record, “I think that third lockdown here. I don’t know if the Americans really realized how severe it was here, but it happened after Christmas. It happened in early January. For London, it happened before Christmas, but we were down in Cornwall when they started locking the country down by different counties, but then everybody got thrown into this severe state. Hand on my heart, to try and be fair about this, I think hubby and I did pretty well on the first one with Tash and her boyfriend, Oliver, who thought he was coming for two weeks and stayed for five months.”

When asked what the title of the album meant, Amos reflected, “That we’re all facing some pretty serious challenges. Yes, the pandemic and what that did, some people would tell me their marriage fell apart, or their partnership fell apart because the pressure cooker was too much. Those were the terms some people used. That there might have been love there, but they just realized the thing that was holding them together, that string on that instrument broke. In some cases, it was just irreparable. What people went through, I think, in some ways, was quite traumatic, and we’re still processing it because we couldn’t process. Normally, when you get into it with somebody or you disagree, I would just jump on a plane to the States.

“Or people would just jump in their car and go. You couldn’t do that here. If you understand, Scotland would not let you in. Police were stopping people coming into Cornwall [laughs] at a certain point. If you understand, that’s how they felt they needed to tackle the health crisis and the variant that was exploding. When you’re talking about the connectivity, yes, I think it was people realizing that we were all experiencing this thing in different ways. The challenges for each person, I do think were unique.”

Tori Amos’ Ocean To Ocean 2023 UK Tour:

Saturday 25 March: Edinburgh Queens Hall
Monday 27 March: Belfast The Ulster Hall
Tuesday 28 March: Dublin 3 Olympia Theatre
Friday 31 March: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Saturday 1 April: Cambridge Corn Exchange
Monday 3 April: London Royal Albert Hall.

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