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19 June 2024

Listen To The Streets’ New Single ‘End Of The Queue’

Fabric Presents The Streets Out Now
Photo: Ben Cannon
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Fabric, the iconic hub of electronic music culture, recently announced its latest addition to the fabric mix series: fabric Presents The Streets. This eagerly anticipated compilation marks a milestone in the illustrious history of the UK institution, as they join forces to commemorate 25 years of ground-breaking club nights and genre-defining mixes. The release is accompanied by original material from The Streets in the form of two singles, the first to be shared was No Better Than Chance, today marks the release of the brand new original track End Of The Queue.

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End Of The Queue by The Streets is a standout track from the highly anticipated fabric mix CD. This original piece showcases Mike Skinner’s signature blend of gritty lyricism and inventive production. The track paints a vivid picture of city life, capturing the frustration and resilience found in the nation’s capital. With its pulsating beats and raw, introspective lyrics, End Of The Queue encapsulates the essence of The Streets while offering a fresh and compelling addition to the fabric mix series. Skinner’s deft storytelling and unique soundscape make this track a powerful testament to his enduring influence in the U.K music scene.

Fabric Presents The Streets is more than just a mix; it’s a sonic journey through the pulsating veins of UK nightlife. Skinner’s deft curation transcends mere selection; from the gritty beats of underground garage and bass music to the icy melodies of UK rap and grime, Skinner weaves together a tapestry of sounds that encapsulates the essence of fabric’s legendary atmosphere. The compilation album will also be available in the iconic fabric CD tins.

Fabric itself stands as a bastion of innovation and inclusion within the electronic music community. For 25 years, it has been a sanctuary for music lovers, a breeding ground for artistic evolution, and a beacon of diversity in an ever-changing landscape. Its impact on UK nightlife cannot be overstated; fabric is not just a club, but a cultural institution that has shaped the tastes and trends of generations. To commemorate the 25-year journey, fabric’s labels will release a collection of exclusives. These will include five special ‘fabric presents’ compilation releases, fabric Presents Shygirl was the first to be shared in March.

As fabric celebrates its silver jubilee, fabric Presents The Streets stands as a testament to the club’s enduring legacy and commitment to pushing boundaries. This collaboration is more than a mix album; it’s a celebration of the past, present, and future of electronic music.

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