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14 May 2024

The Sound First Three Albums To Be Released On Coloured Vinyl

The Sound first three albums
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The first three albums by post-punk pioneers The Sound are to be reissued on coloured vinyl on 13 September.

pre-order The Sound’s reissued albums on coloured vinyl here

Their classic 1980-’82 run, consisting of Jeopardy, From The Lions Mouth and All Fall Down, will be available again as limited edition single colour vinyl albums, complete with original track listings and artwork.

Fronted by cult hero the late Adrian Borland (coincidentally the subject of a newly published biography, Destiny Stopped Screaming), The Sound burst onto the scene with their thrilling, adrenaline-fuelled 1980 debut, Jeopardy, now reissued on white vinyl. The music press heralded a powerful new force, but maybe Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance summed it up best when years later he described Jeopardy as an, “Existentialist post-punk jewel.” Highlight, I Can’t Escape Myself currently stands at 6.7 million YouTube plays and counting.

From The Lions Mouth followed a year later and is arguably their magnum opus. Masterfully produced by Hugh Jones it delivered on the ambition of their debut in fine style. Here reissued on orange vinyl, Lions Mouth was greeted once more with almost universal praise from the press, with Melody Maker’s Steve Sutherland concluding it could be the end of the line for him and rock records, “It’s that good”.

The final part of this reissue set is the band’s defiant and expectation defying third album, All Fall Down. Available now on blue vinyl, it was a record that confounded some critics but is one that has only grown in stature over time. The band as ever refusing to take the easy option, instead drawing the Warner era to a close with a bang and preparing the stage for the next phase of the band.

The Sound vinyl reissues tracklistings

Jeopardy (1980)
Side A
1. I Can’t Escape Myself
2. Heartland
3. Hour of Need
4. Words Fail Me
5. Missiles

Side B
1. Heyday
2. Jeopardy
3. Night Versus Day
4. Resistance
5. Unwritten Law
6. Desire

From The Lions Mouth (1981)
Side A
1. Winning
2. Sense of Purpose
3. Contact the Fact
4. Skeletons
5. Judgements

Side B
1. Fatal Flaw
2. Possesion
3. The Fire
4. Silent Air
5. New Dark Age

All Fall Down (1982)
Side A
1. All Fall Down
2. Party of the Mind
3. Monument
4. In Suspense
5. Where the Love Is

Side B
1. Song and Dance
2. Calling the New Tune
3. Red Paint
4. Glass and Smoke
5. We Could Go Far

pre-order The Sound’s reissued albums on coloured vinyl here

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