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25 December 2021

The Faces Discuss First New Album Since 1973

The Faces Recording New Music
Photo: Graham Prentice/Alamy Stock Photo
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Work on the new album by The Faces is progressing and fans can expect it to come in 2022, according to a new interview with drummer Kenney Jones in Uncut magazine. It was revealed back in the summer that the notorious rockers – Jones, guitarist Ronnie Wood and singer Sir Rod Stewart – were back in the studio laying down music, and Jones explained that the record will be a “mixture of old and new”, despite not being able to reveal too much to eager fans.

“What we’ve decided to do is work on some of the original stuff that we didn’t use, so the album is going to be a mixture of old and new. The songs we’ve been revisiting are from right across the board. It’s very difficult to go into specifics because many of them didn’t even have titles.

“I think the fans may have heard certain things before and might recognise them. Ronnie and I, in particular, have been working on lots of the old stuff together and we’ve re-recorded a couple of those songs with more of a modern feel.”

However, Jones suggested progress on the album has been interrupted by Rod’s solo work and Ronnie’s commitment to The Rolling Stones: “The new songs are coming along too We’re definitely going in the right direction but work had to stop temporarily while Woody went back to his rescheduled gigs with the Stones. The same thing happened with Rod. I know that Rod, between things on tour, is working on lyrics to some of them. Woody is doing the same thing. So we’ll return to those when we’re able to get back together again.”

Jones also teased details of special guests joining The Faces on the album: “I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but there will be some special guests on there with us. We’ve already done a few overdub sessions with some well-known people, which will remain a trade secret for the moment.”

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