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22 June 2023

Stormzy On His New Virtual Concert Experience

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Stormzy has spoken about inspiring future generations and his upcoming virtual concert experience in a new interview with Hypebeast.

Reflecting on his position as an elder statesman of grime, the rapper said, “It’s a beautiful feeling that you can inspire, encourage, motivate, and exemplify what someone else can be. I’ve learned recently that the best way to do it is by being myself, my truest and most authentic self. There are things I can do to actively encourage others; whether that’s reaching out to artists or laying foundations.

“But, what I’ve learned most recently, especially after releasing my newest album, is that the braver and freer I am in my own identity and character, it should inspire people. I’m just happy that who I am and the most authentic version of me is something that can encourage people to be theirs. It’s a beautiful feeling that I can inspire, while also being myself.”

Stormzy has also been working on a digital in-app concert experience in association with Rockstar drinks. The performance will premiere on Spotify at 5pm GMT on 21 July and will be available to stream until 4 August.

“I’ve been really excited to work with Rockstar on this, it’s super exciting,” he said. “I think the whole concept is about switching from work to play. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m very much about having work and play – I’m either a big kid or an uncle. I think this campaign really encapsulates that – I’m switching from working to having fun.

“That’s been a big part of my character throughout my career, the balance of taking the job extremely seriously and not taking it seriously at all. I think that’s the epitome of me. I’m the same person that’s going to be in the studio fussing and fighting over the smallest thing, but I’m also the kind of person that’s going to grab the mic, freestyle, and have a laugh. I think this new campaign really encapsulated that.”

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