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14 September 2023

Shola Ama To Reissue ‘Much Love’ On Vinyl To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Shola Ama
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Shola Ama will celebrate 25 years of her debut album Much Love with its first-ever vinyl release. This limited-edition vinyl will be released on 14 October 2023, also National Album Day.

pre-order shola ama’s much love on vinyl here

Originally released in 1997, the Gold certified Much Love resonated globally thanks to its soulful harmonies, commanding vocals, profound lyrics, and production from the iconic band D-Influence who say of the time. “It was a very magical time, anything could happen… and it did. Shola was a classic London success discovery story. Found at Hammersmith tube station singing , invited for a vocal test at Eastcote Studios West London at 15-and-a-half, You Might Need Somebody recorded when she was 17, stayed in the charts for two months and broke records at Europe radio for plays per month – her back room was simply D – Influence Production and 1 2 One Entertainment joining forces to make Freakstreet records Shola’s home – a small indie that licensed to Warners to achieve worldwide Gold status on this album.”

Shola Ama shared her anticipation for the upcoming release: “When we started writing songs for Much Love I was 16 years old and young and carefree… I really loved hip-hop and R&B, At that time there wasn’t a lot of it being made here, so the prospect of making a UK R&B album that reflected where I was at in my life at the time was really exciting for me.

“When Much Love came out its success shocked the industry’s perception of UK R&B – but it didn’t shock me or D-Influence, we knew what kind of project we were making… luckily the public loved it too! I feel like looking back, the nostalgia of that time, is engraved in Much Love. It’s an album I will forever be proud of.”

Much Love reached No 6 in the UK Albums Chart and gave us the hit singles You Might Need Somebody, You’re The One I Love, Who’s Loving My Baby and Much Love.

pre-order shola ama’s much love on vinyl here

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