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26 December 2023

Sam Ryder Set For First UK No 1 Single

Sam Ryder doing a pop up performance of his Amazon Music Original track You're Christmas To Me on London's Southbank
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Sam Ryder looks likely to score his first-ever UK No 1 single this week with the Amazon Music Original You’re Christmas To Me.

download You’re Christmas To Me here

The news comes after Ryder lost out in the race for the Christmas No 1 to the Wham! classic Last Christmas. In a video shared to his Instagram after receiving the news, Ryder described his “boundless gratitude” to have taken the No 2 spot.

“If you’ve just heard the news, I can let you know with a bursting heart of gratitude that we are the UK’s Christmas No 2,” Ryder told the camera, before praising Andrew Ridgeley and “the whole Wham! team”.

“Just absolutely unstoppable force, and rightly so,” he said. “They are icons, they are legends. And you know what? It feels great to be the filling in a Wham! and Mariah [Carey] sandwich. I can tell you that, for sure.”

Ryder continued: “Number two, it’s always been a magic number and that won’t change,” as he thanked his fans for their support “and the belief and the faith”.

“This was a position that, I can’t explain or stress enough, it was so unexpected for us to be in,” he said. “I think you’ve got a responsibility as an artist in the running for a Christmas No 1. You’ve gotta create a race out of it. We threw everything we possibly could at trying to get that No 1 spot.

“And you know why? Because we were inspired by the legends that we were rubbing shoulders with. Mariah, Wham!: these artists didn’t become icons by not giving it everything in their career. So we were inspired and followed in their blazingly bright footsteps.

“I’m sure that George is up there, smiling his head off and continuing to inspire generations of singers to come, me included. I’m stoked. What a day. Blessed!”

download You’re Christmas To Me here

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