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13 June 2021

Robert Plant Reveals He Turned To Music During Lockdown

Robert Plant Saving Grace Bert Jansch Tribute
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The latest episode of Robert Plant’s hugely successful Diggin’ Deep podcast has seen the former Led Zeppelin singer reveal that the power of music to transport the listener has been hugely important for him during the global pandemic. When asked by host Matt Everitt whether it was old or new music that had helped him, Plant said: “Depending on my mood, I would go to – the mood would call music into me. I keep looking at maps and talking about countries that no longer exist, who’ve changed their names three times with different currencies… places way over yonder, reading more and more about far away places.”

Plant went on: “Then I would associate myself, I think… with times in my life which had really deep resonance, and I would go to those eras. Not particularly specific songs, but yeah… and voices too, especially voices. People who could really shape what they’re writing about without any restraint. “I don’t mean Little Richard, but I mean people who are actually laying down some poignant, heartfelt stuff and they could song it so that it would be almost no vocal performance or at the right time, it would be this amazing expression of it all.”

The singer later gave particular praise to Bob Dylan, pinpointing the moment he heard I Contain Multitudes, the first track on Dylan’s 2020 album, Rough And Rowdy Ways, suggesting Dylan has, “lived a life and is actually telling it. He’s able to tell us the story of what he sees of himself and how he sees other people.”

Diggin Deep, now in its fourth season, can be listened to from the start here.

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