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12 October 2023

Prince Podcast ‘The Story Of Diamonds And Pearls’ Begins: Listen

© Paisley Park Enterprises | Photographer: Randee St. Nicholas
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The first episode of the new season of the official Prince podcast, The Story Of Diamonds And Pearls, is available now.

Check out a trailer for the episode, called Welcome 2 The New Power Generation, below.

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Hosted and produced by Minneapolis native, author and broadcaster Andrea Swensson, the podcast includes the memories and insights from every member of that era’s New Power Generation and examines the process that led to the album’s creation, and its enduring impact on Prince’s legacy.

The new podcast follows yesterday’s release of Live At Glam Slam, a never-before-released live recording by Prince & The New Power Generation, recorded at Glam Slam Nightclub on 11 January 1992, which has been made available for streaming and which will feature on the upcoming Diamonds And Pearls super deluxe box set.

Live At Glam Slam provides fans with the opportunity to experience Prince and the NPG at the peak of their powers. Arranged to preview the Diamonds And Pearls Tour, this intimate 11 January performance finds Prince & The New Power Generation tearing through songs from the recently released Diamonds And Pearls album at breakneck pace.

The upcoming expanded reissue of Diamonds And Pearls will feature 47 previously unreleased audio tracks and over two hours of live filmed concert footage in high definition, a 120-page hardback book that features previously unseen photos by Prince’s photographer Randee St Nicholas, and more in addition to the remastered album itself. Featuring an uplifting blend of hip-hop, dance, gospel, and pop, Diamonds And Pearls represents a turning point in Prince’s career where he connected his past influences to the present, an approach that brought him to the top of the charts once again.

Diamonds And Pearls will be reissued on 27 October in the following formats:

• Super Deluxe Edition (7CD+Blu-ray/12LP+Blu-ray/audio-only download and streaming)
• Deluxe Edition (2CD/4LP 180g vinyl)
• Remastered album (1CD/2LP 180g off-white “Pearl” vinyl (USA only)/2LP 180g clear “Diamond” vinyl (ex. USA)/download and streaming)

pre-order diamonds and pearls super deluxe edition

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