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20 January 2023

Listen To Peter Schilling’s New Single, ‘The Promise’

Peter Schilling Coming Home Out Now
Photo courtesy of Warner Music Group
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Peter Schilling has released The Promise, a new song previewing his upcoming musical anthology Coming Home – 40 YEARS OF MAJOR TOM. Celebrating four decades since the release of his landmark album Error in the System including his worldwide breakthrough single Major Tom (Coming Home), the extended greatest hits collection comes out 24 March, exactly 40 years to the day after the album’s release.

Throughout the years Peter Schilling has continued to be active on many levels – as a composer, lyricist, performer, arranger, and producer. And he still very much has his finger on the pulse of the time, as The Promise impressively proves. Setting his eyes on what’s to come, Schilling enters into dialogue with the next generation in the song’s lyrics, addressing those who have not yet been born.

“Rather, in my vision, they only exist as energies for now, waiting to be ‘brought’ here”, Schilling explains. “And so I focused on bringing out the voices of the unborn acoustically by slipping into these respective roles vocally. In the lyrics, those unborn souls – the next generation – are saying that they currently don’t see the point of being born, given the condition of the planet we’re probably going to hand over to them and the way we treat the environment we’re living in. The way I see it, we have to give a promise to the next generation that our planet earth is a place that is worth coming down to.”

Today’s release of The Promise is accompanied by an official video. “I think the production team did a great job making the not yet visible next generation palpable”, Schilling says of the clip. Besides The Promise, the German equivalent Weiße Fahnen (…Hymne auf das Leben) has also been released today.

1982 marked the beginning of an unprecedented musical career for the artist originating from Stuttgart – a global success story spanning from Europe to the US, where his English version of Major Tom (Coming Home) reached #14 on the Billboard charts. Speaking about his international journey spanning the last for decades, Schilling shares: “Because of my international success, I would sometimes sing in English first before retranslating for the current album or writing the German lyrics from scratch. This album will be released worldwide as well, so English as the world language was a natural choice for this anniversary album.”

Previously, Peter Schilling shared two songs from the upcoming collection, World Hold On and Rubikon (ein Weg zurück …).Coming Home – 40 YEARS OF MAJOR TOM comes out on 24 March 2023 in various configurations All of the tracks will be made available digitally as well.

To this day, Major Tom (…völlig losgelöst/Coming Home) stands as one of the most successful German productions, both domestically and abroad. Throughout the years Peter Schilling has continued to be active on many levels – as composer, song writer, performer and producer. Coming Home – 40 YEARS MAJOR TOM celebrates 40 years of Fehler Im System and Major Tom (völlig losgelöst) as well as the influential work by Peter Schilling in its entirety.

The 2CD version of “Coming Home contains a total of 40 tracks – 20 English, 20 German. Among those are remastered versions of the greatest hits from 40 years such as Major Tom (völlig losgelöst),Die Wüste Lebt or Terra Titanic as well as four new songs in both languages (8 in total) For the first time, Schilling’s large fan base in South America will be able to listen to a news Spanish language recording of Major Tom (Mayor Tom (… Vuelve a casa)), on top of that there will be orchestral versions of his greatest hit. The songs DNA ((Into Your …) DNA), Ozean (Oceans Eyes) and Nach innen sehen (Starting with myself) will be available in English for the first time and newly recorded Coming Home.

Prior to this CD, various songs have never been released before. The collection is accompanied by a 24-page booklet with new photos and liner notes. The 4CD Deluxe Edition includes both debut album Fehler Im System & Error In The System as well as diverse set of rarities in the form of remixes and single edits. The 1LP-version encompasses 10 selected tracks from Peter Schilling’s 40 year long career.

An additional treat of Coming Home – 40 YEARS MAJOR TOM is the making of the collection’s eight new multilingual tracks. In reference to Peter Schilling’s international successes these were produced at different locations across the globe in Lima (Peru), Hollywood (Los Angeles), Ingolstadt, Munich, Cologne (all Germany), Amsterdam and Venice, Italy. New vocal arrangements are notably featured in the recordings, successfully combining the traditional Schilling-sound with contemporary influences. “It took me a lot of guts, because of the risk involved. But in hindsight I’m overjoyed since the experiment has in my opinion been so successful“ Schilling states.

Pre-order Coming Home – 40 YEARS OF MAJOR TOM here.


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