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24 November 2022

Peter Schilling Announces ‘Coming Home – 40 Years Of Major Tom’

Peter Schilling Coming Home
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Peter Schilling has announced a new career-spanning box set. Coming Home – 40 Years Of Major Tom will be available on 24 March 2023 in various configurations (2CD, 4CD Deluxe Edition, digital).

The set is digitally remastered and includes new recordings in different languages and instrumentations. In addition, the collection debuts four brand new songs. To celebrate, the first single is digitally available now, both in English (World Hold On) and German (Rubikon (…ein Weg zurück?).

Schilling says about World Hold On: “Everything we’ve been subjecting to our habitat, will very soon lead to collapse, if we don’t fundamentally change in terms of climate protection or do too little too late. For now, the world is still holding up.”

It has been exactly 40 years since Peter Schilling landed a No 1 hit on the German charts with Major Tom (völlig losgelöst) – the song remained on top of the charts for eight weeks. The single, together with his debut album Fehler im System (“Error in the system”) released in November 1982, marked the beginning of a successful musical career for the artist originating from Stuttgart, Germany – a global success story spanning from Europe to the US, where his English version of Major Tom (Coming Home) reached No 14 on the Billboard charts. The album and single also reached number 1 on the Canadian charts and were certified with several awards

The 2CD version of “Coming Home contains a total of 40 tracks – 20 English, 20 German. Among those are remastered versions of the greatest hits from 40 years such as Major Tom (Coming Home), The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime) and Terra Titanic as well as four new songs in both languages.

For the first time, Schilling’s large fan base in South America will be able to listen to a Spanish language recording of Major Tom. On top of that there will be two stunning orchestral versions of his global hit. The songs DNA ((Into Your …) DNA), Ozean (Oceans Eyes) and Nach innen sehen (Starting With Myself) will be available in English for the first time and were newly recorded for Coming Home. The collection is accompanied by a 20-page booklet with new photos and liner notes. The 4CD Deluxe Edition includes both versions of the debut album Fehler Im System (“Error In The System”) as well as diverse set of rarities like remixes and single edits.


Tracklisting 2 CD:

CD 1

Major Tom (völlig losgelöst) – (Single Version) (2022 Remaster)
Weiße Fahnen (…Hymne auf das Leben)*
Alles bleibt *
Die Wüste lebt – (Radio Version) (2023 Remaster)
Regensong (… ich lieb´ es, wenn es regnet) *
…Dann trügt der Schein – (Long Version) (2023 Remaster)
Das gute Gefühl des richtigen Wegs
Rubikon (… ein Weg zurück?) *
Terra Titanic (2023 Remaster)
Das Prinzip Mensch
Was ist, wenn Gott …(Live)
Wenn sie es so wollen
Alles endet bei Dir (2023 Remaster)
Ich hab keine Lust (2023 Remaster)
Das Ende der Unschuld
Komm….Tauch mit mir
Ich vermisse Dich (2023 Remaster)
Willkommen in der Zukunft
Hurricane (2023 Remaster)
Major Tom (Klassisch losgelöst)*

CD 2

Major Tom (Coming Home) – (Single Version) (2022 Remaster)
The Promise*
Playground Earth*
The Noah Plan (2023 Remaster)
Rainsong (… I Love It When It`s Raining)*
The Different Story (… World Of Lust And Crime) – (2023 Remaster)
Wyoming Syndrome
World Hold On*
Terra Titanic (2023 Remaster)
Mayor Tom (vuelve a casa)*
Wooden Heart –(2023 Remaster)
All The Things you are
Lone Survivor (2023 Remaster)
All The Love I Need (2023 Remaster)
(Let`s Play) U.S.A. (2023 Remaster)
(Into Your …) DNA*
City Of Night (Berlin) (2023 Remaster)
Ocean Eyes*
Starting With Myself*
Major Tom (Klassisch losgelöst für großes Orchester)*
*Bisher unveröffentlicht

4 CD (Deluxe Box)


CD 3

Fehler im System (2023 Remaster) & Rarities/Mixe
…Dann Trügt Der Schein (2023 Remaster)
Fast Alles Konstruiert (2023 Remaster)
Die Wüste Lebt (2023 Remaster)
Fehler Im System (2023 Remaster)
Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) (2022 Remaster)
Major Tom (2023 Remaster)
U.S.A. (2023 Remaster)
Ich habe keine Lust (2023 Remaster)
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (2023 Remaster)
Lass zu wovor Du Angst hast
Alles endet bei Dir (Maxi Version) (2023 Remaster)
Sandsturm in der Sahara (Lost & Found Mix – 1984) (2023 Remaster)*
Wonderful World (2023 Remaster)
Ich vermisse Dich (Extended Version) (2023 Remaster)
So ist die Welt
Die Wüste lebt (Version 2019)
Terra Titanic (Live 2010)
Major Tom (Live 2010)

CD 4

Error In The System“ (2023 Remaster) & Rarities /Mixe
Only Dreams (2023 Remaster)
Lifetime Guarantee (2023 Remaster)
The Noah Plan(2023 Remaster)
Error In The System (2023 Remaster)
Major Tom (Coming Home) (2022 Remaster)
Major Tom, Part II (2023 Remaster)
(Let’s Play) U.S.A. (2023 Remaster)
I Have No Desire (2023 Remaster)
Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht (Silent Night, Holy Night) (2023 Remaster)
The Promise (Remix)*
World Hold On (Remix)*
Different Story (Single Edit) (2023 Remaster)
All The Love I Need (Long Version) (2023 Remaster)
In My Youth (2023 Remaster)
The Hurricane (2023 Remaster)
Major Tom (alternative Version) (2022 Remaster)
Secret Garden

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