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27 September 2023

Paramore Tease Fans With New Music

Press/Zachary Gray
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Paramore fans are eagerly awaiting an announcement from the band after cryptic messages on social media and previously-unheard audio clips suggest a new release.

The band posted a video of an iPhone note revealing the title: “Re: This Is Why”. Following this, the note revealed three dates, each with an almost-anagram version of the title which references the band’s sixth studio album, This Is Why.

Fans have speculated that the note alludes to something else called “This Is Why” being released on Thursday (28 September), which is the one year anniversary of the album’s announcement, with “Why Is This?” following on 2 October, and “Is This Why?” finally being shared on 6 October.

They also posted two audio clips to the Paramore Discord server which appear to be remixes of the tracks Liar and You First.

Paramore recently ended their US tour early, after Hayley Williams came down with a lung infection. The singer also confirmed on Discord that they’ve been back in the studio.

“We’ve been off the road for a couple weeks now… mainly in LA. Thankfully got some down time but we put some work in too,” she told fans. “It felt good to get back into a studio. More of that once we get home to Nashville.

“Zac Taylor [drummer] and I just want to get back to making things. We’ve been craving that for a while now. Not only the creative process but the layer[s] of insulation that can come with the creative process.”

Hayley also revealed that she’s on the mend from her illness. “I can hardly believe I don’t cough all day and night anymore. My stomach is still fucked from 10 kinds of medication… I’m just happy to be resting more.

“Now that the bulk of our touring for the year is over, I’m hoping to dive head first into creating some better routines.”

Paramore were recently announced as the support act for Taylor Swift’s hugely anticipated 2024 UK and European tour dates.

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