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16 January 2023

Paramore Discuss New Song ‘C’est Comme Ca’ In Apple Music Interview

Paramore Postpone Shows Illness
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Paramore’s Hayley Williams recently joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss the group’s new song C’est Comme Ca from their forthcoming album This Is Why.

Williams told Apple Music about embracing “dance punk vibes”, going into an album cycle and the decision to drop the album in February, her conversations with SZA, finding peace after growing up in the music industry, and more. You can hear the interview in full here, but if you scroll down, you can read a few select excerpts in advance.

Hayley Wiliams Tells Apple Music About New Song C’est Comme Ca and Embracing Dance Punk Vibes…

Williams: “The last song we wrote was the first song on the album. So I don’t know why it always works out like that with us, but we just have to follow it and let whatever that inspiration lead and Seek and Saw was like, I would say midway to the beginning half, it was definitely before we had hit a stride… it’s just this really great treat and we had a really good time getting back into a little bit of dance punk vibes.

“I had been listening to a lot of Dry Cleaning and Yard Act and just artists that talk a lot over great, cool, music. So I guess I was just feeling poetic and feeling a bit critical of myself and fused all that stuff. I was really stoked to get this music because a lot of times with Paramore, unless we’re all in the room at the same time working on stuff together, I feel like a lot of what I do is top lining and I love doing that. It’s so freeing. Especially after doing the solo records where I was just always on top of every single moment.

Hayley Williams Tells Apple Music About Entering an Album Cycle…

Williams: “I always go into an album cycle being like, “This time, I’m going to have all my s**t together.” And you stress about all these other things, but it’s the music. we are the ones that wanted to put out a record at the top of the year, so of course we had to work through the holidays a little bit.

It used to be so strategic and I think we just didn’t really want to wait longer than we had to. And it’s like the label wants to do label stuff and they want to lead into the record. In the past, we’ve pushed them to do quicker drops, but this time we were like, “You know what? Whatever you guys want to do for the rollout, we’re here for the ride.” And then it was like, as we started talking about it, we were like, “Yeah, but we don’t want to wait that long, so… February felt right. It felt good.”

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