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02 July 2022

Paolo Nutini, “I’m Always Writing Ideas”

Paolo Nutini
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Paolo Nutini has spoken about his time away from the spotlight and his latest album in an interview with The Sun.

Talking about the long lay-off between albums, Paolo said, “Me and my band toured for a good couple of years after the last album was released. After that I’ll go and buy a one-way ticket to see places that I need to see and sometimes that trip will be a weekend and other times that will be three months or more. I’m lucky to be able to take that time and just see what happens. I don’t really think too much about it.”

Paolo went on to discuss his creative process, “I’m always writing ideas. Even if it’s just the start of a song, I record the ideas. I squirrel them away and I’m happy with that way of working. I didn’t feel like I was wasting time, even though you can argue that I was… I got up one morning and I had heard a song in my dream. It gives me a real buzz. I record everything on my phone so if it runs out of battery, then my brain goes. When a song comes to me in a dream, it’s wicked.

“It’s one thing writing a bunch of songs, but that’s not an album. An album has to hang together to create a little story or makes some kind of point and eventually I’ve thought we are almost there, now’s the time, how do we make this an album?”

Despite years as pop star, Paolo suggested he struggles with the exposure, “I do have moments of insecurity and anxiety about what people may think. It’s hard, as I’m quite a private person so all of a sudden, there’s this juxtaposition of going back into the most public theatre.”

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