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21 January 2024

Noel Gallagher Working On Acoustic Album

Noel Gallagher
Matt Crockett/Press
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Noel Gallagher has revealed that he is currently recording an acoustic album and that it could feature an unrecorded song from his Oasis days.

The news follows the release of In A Little While, a demo which could point towards the sound that the former Oasis songwriter is aiming for with his new material – listen below.

During a guest appearance on the Matt Morgan Podcast, Gallagher said, “I’m back in the studio – not rock, the acoustic stuff. I’m doing it for fans really.”

As reported by Music News , Gallagher added, “I’ve had to take all the electronic equipment out of the studio… because I’ve tried to make an acoustic album three times, and every time (I’ve used electronics)… so it’s just acoustic instruments in the studio.

“I’ve come up with working just with acoustic instruments, so instead of a bass, it’ll be a double bass — that way I can say, ‘I’ve made an acoustic album, but it’s used all acoustic instruments.’”

Gallagher joked that the album wouldn’t simply be, “strumming a guitar with the same four chords and singing about the weather”. He went on to suggest, “It’s the essence of what every song is. There’s nothing you can do after that, you can’t f*** it up.”

He also teased Oasis fans by claiming the new album might feature a vintage unrecorded song, “I’ve got a CD with six [acoustic tracks] on it already. There’s a song called God Help Us All, which is an old song from another 2005, so when I was still in Oasis, but I never recorded it.

“There is a demo of it when a load of EPs came out; then there’s one that was bootlegged called Just Let It Come Down Over Me, which is quite country. So, I’ll do that but the rest of it is all new stuff. I’m looking forward to the challenge of seeing it through”,

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