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28 December 2021

Noel Gallagher Talks New Album Recording

Noel Gallagher Solo Tour Oasis Songs
Photo: Nikki Court/Alamy Stock Photo
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Noel Gallagher has spoken about his next album and revealed plans to film the making of it. The 54-year-old singer-songwriter will have cameras with him at Abbey Road Studios to capture the “magic moments” of him and his band, The High Flying Birds, recording the follow-up to 2017’s Who Built the Moon?.

The former Oasis guitarist, talking on The Matt Morgan podcast, was self-effacing when suggesting the resulting film shouldn’t be compared to the recent Beatles documentary, Get Back: “Me writing, once you’ve seen it for an hour, then you’ve seen it. They’re The Beatles and Paul McCartney is writing Get Back and I’m writing a record which, frankly, with the best will of the world, not a lot of people are going to give a s*** about. Me noodling away on the same five chords I’ve been using all my life going, ‘Sunshine, through the rain, can’t buy fame?.?.?.?’, it’s not got the same gravitas” However, he did say that, “Once the recording is in full swing there can be magic moments.”

Noel also teased fans with a hint of what to expect from his next material: “I started writing the album in January and I thought if I get it finished by the week leading up to Christmas it’ll be great. I actually finished it with one day to spare. I’ll start recording properly on January 20.” He also revealed that the fan favourite Oasis B-side Talk Tonight served as an inspiration for some of his new songs. “There’s one or two on the new album which are in that vein. One is one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever written, it’s got great chords and it’s very, very sad. In the verses, the music is quite sad and the sentiment in the verses is quite strong, but in the chorus the music is quite uplifting and the words are quite sad. “It’s a f****** great song.”

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