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20 February 2023

Nicholas Godin Of Air: “We’re Thinking Of Going Back On Tour”

Nicholas Godin of Air
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Nicholas Godin of Air has spoken to Variety about the making of the duo’s classic albums and their future plans.

Listen to Moon Safari by Air here

Talking about the band’s legacy, Godin reflected, ” I think Moon Safari’s a pretty cool achievement. To do a classic album in the history of music, that was my dream when I was a teenager — but you don’t decide to do it. So I’m happy that happened. I think Moon Safari, Virgin Suicides and Talkie Walkie can be considered classic albums. At least I did three, which is not bad.”

The composer went on to recall the making of their classic debut, “At the time we were making Moon Safari, I was very into Burt Bacharach, and you can hear that in Ce Matin La, where we have this little French horn. I got a friend of mine who was a student in my school in the orchestra, a band with only horns, and I asked him to bring his French horn, and I said, ‘Can you do something like Burt Bacharach with this?’ But Bacharach had the best musicians and the best recording studio in Los Angeles with the best microphones, and we were in my tiny room in Monmartre, in Paris, and we had this little French horn he bought at a flea market. And when we pictured it in our minds, we said, ‘OK, let’s imagine we are in L.A. at Capitol Records and we are working with a band of Burt Bacharach musicians.’ That’s the magic of recording, that you can capture some magic vibrations like that, and then when people buy the record, the vibration goes in the speakers and goes in the room very far away from where you live. And that’s the power of the recording process.”

Talking about Air’s future plans, Godin revealed, “We saw each other last week, because we’re thinking of going back on tour. And the problem is if we go into the studio and try to make a new songs, I am scared that it would not be good enough for what did in the past. Because it would be great to work together again, but it’s been so long, I’m so scared people would be disappointed. I imagine them on Spotify, listening to the track and saying, ‘Well, it’s OK, but it’s not amazing.’ So the key is we need to do something amazing. But if it’s not good, we cannot lie to ourselves — and that’s very hard as an artist.”

Listen to Moon Safari by Air here

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