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25 November 2023

Neil Young Plays ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ In New Video: Watch

Neil Young
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Neil Young has shared a video for Thanksgiving of himself performing The Star-Spangled Banner on an electric guitar, titled Stand For Peace. Watch below.

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The video, which was directed by Young’s wife Daryl Hannah, features footage of Young performing next to an American flag and concludes with the written message “Be Brave” and “Stand For Peace.”

The track comes just days after Young posted a separate statement to his socials speaking out against the Israel-Hamas war, “For our many Palestinian friends and our many Jewish friends, we do need to start over in the present and release our terrible connections to the past,” he wrote. “As bad as they are, they need to be forgotten so we can be free to move on in life together, all humanity, focused on saving our planet for future generations of all people.”

Earlier this week, Young also announced that he was leaving X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Young announced his decision to leave the social platform on his website, writing: “We are stopping all use of X we can control. For reasons that should be obvious to the richest man on Earth, we are taking this action against his company.”

On 8 December, Neil Young will release Before And After, a new album on which the singer-songwriter delves into his vast book and picks a selection of songs to reinterpret. Young described Before And After succinctly: “The feeling is captured, not in pieces, but as a whole piece — designed to be listened to that way. This music presentation defies shuffling, digital organisation, separation. Only for listening. That says it all.”

Before And After tracklisting:

I’m The Ocean
On The Way Home
If You Got Love
A Dream That Can Last
My Heart
When I Hold You In My Arms
Mother Earth
Mr Soul
Comes A Time
Don’t Forget Love

Pre-order Neil YOung’s Before And After

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