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30 September 2022

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Announce New Album, Share ‘Love Earth’

Neil Young
Neil Young 2001, Alamy
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Neil Young and Crazy Horse have announced their new album, World Record. It was produced with Rick Rubin and recorded live at his Shangri-La studios in Malibu. World Record will be released on 18 November — it’ll be available as a three-sided 2LP, as well as regular LP, CD, and cassette, and it will also be available in high-resolution streaming audio via Amazon, Apple, and Qobuz and through Neil Young Archives.

Pre-order Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s World Record here

Coinciding with the album announcement, Young and Crazy Horse have also shared the first song from World Record, a celebration of nature titled Love Earth.

In a post titled “A message from Neil” on 15 September, Young teased World Record writing, “The big day is coming! I can’t wait. So much love and good times went into this. It’s as much of a gift for us as it will be to you! Many things are different yet the feeling is there all over again. We are all in this together and we need to talk about our future and make change however we can. Learning the ways of renewal and sustainability for Mother Earth has never been so important and urgent as it is today and always tomorrow. Love Earth, be well, n”

Young recently appeared on Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast where he discussed World Record. Young stated that he wrote eight songs within two days and didn’t change them until the recording.

Young also suggested that fans should be prepared for unusual sounds: “I play electric guitar on two songs,” revealed the musician. The remaining songs feature an unprecedented combination of instruments: “pump organ funk” and a harmonica with an “octave divider” effect, amplified by a Fender Deluxe amp.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse World Record tracklisting:

01 Love Earth
02 Overhead
03 I Walk With You (earth ringtone)
04 This Old Planet (changing days)
05 The World (is in trouble now)
06 Break The Chain
07 The Long Day Before
08 Walkin’ On The Road (to the future)
09 The Wonder Won’t Wait
10 Chevrolet
11 This Old Planet reprise

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