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30 January 2022

Lizzo Unveils New Song, ‘Special’

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Lizzo has debuted a new song called Special in a Logitech advertising campaign which premiered on Thursday (27 January). The song is Lizzo‘s first since last year’s collaboration with Cardi B on the single Rumors, and is part of Logitech’s new “Defy Logic” brand campaign, which, according to the electronics company, “inspires and encourages us to embrace individuality and champions those defying expectations as they pursue their passions and define the new logic of tomorrow.”

Lizzo said, “I love that Logitech is embracing authenticity and nonconformity – ideologies that I’ve lived by my entire career. It’s exciting to see a brand put so much heart into achieving real change and stand up to societal norms. Fame looks a lot different today than it used to, and I’m proud to be a part of the new wave and partner with Logitech and inspire others to defy logic.”

She went on, ““I get hit with a lot of offers. There was something about this one that made me feel appreciated and seen. It made me feel like, ‘Damn, I’m finally getting celebrated for celebrating myself’… “I feel like I definitely represent a lot of the ‘new’ version of things. “The new beauty standard, the new pop star, the new rule breaker, and how there’s just no rules anymore. I definitely identify with and represent those things, and it was nice to align myself with a campaign that was here to break the rules with me.”

Lizzo celebrated the release of the video on Twitter, writing, “2022 WE BACK BABY” and “LET THE 2022 TAKEOVER BEGIN” in separate tweets. “In case nobody told you today YOU can BE who you want,” the singer wrote in the latter tweet. “DO what you want, and LIVE how you want. We are the future and THE FUTURE IS OURS.”

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