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18 April 2022

Liam Gallagher Talks New Album, ‘C’Mon You Know’

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Liam Gallagher has spoken to the Daily Star’s WIRED column about the material that didn’t make it on to his new album, C’Mon You Know.

The former Oasis frontman revealed that the direction of the album could’ve been very different – there are some “more chilled” songs left over from the sessions.

Liam said: “During the pandemic everyone was having a moment about how beautiful the world is and what we’ve done to it and, ‘Is this the end?”

“Everyone was going through these mad things and I thought if we do get a chance to do a record maybe everyone will be coming back with these rocking records and saying how much they hate the Government and all this nonsense.

“And so I thought that maybe we would come at it from a different angle, maybe we’ll do an album full of love songs, something a bit more chilled like Simon and Garfunkel kind of thing.”

The singer went on, “There were a couple of songs like that on the go but then it went back to the mad stuff, the rock ’n roll stuff.

“Then it went back to the love, kind of chilled stuff and then we ended up with ‘C’Mon You Know’.

“I reckon there’s half a record left which is a more chilled record.”

In other Liam news, it’s been announced that he will play a surprise gig for a crowd of around 2,000 in Blackburn next week. Gallagher will take to the stage at King George’s Hall on 27 April to celebrate his latest collaboration with trainer designer Gary Aspden.

In a statement on Instagram, Gary said: “On April 27th, adidas Spezial and Liam Gallagher are celebrating their long-standing relationship with an exclusive intimate concert at Blackburn’s King George’s Hall to announce their forthcoming trainer release.

“All proceeds from the concert will be in aid of NightSafe, with support from local band The Illicits. Tickets are available by raffle which will open at 3pm on Tuesday 19th.”

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