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09 July 2021

Kurt Cobain Celebrated With Fender Reissue

Kurt Cobain Fender
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The guitar that Kurt Cobain developed in 1993 with Fender, the Jag-Stang, is to be revived and available to buy for the first time since 2006 to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Nirvana#s hugely influential second album, Nevermind.

The Jag-Stang combined elements from the Fender Mustang and Jaguar models. Cobain worked with Fender’s Custom Shop on design before his passing and even took the prototype on tour in 1994. “Kurt always played both guitars,” said Fender’s Larry Brooks of the musician’s love for the Jaguar and Mustang models. “He took photographs of each, cut them in half, and put them together to see what they’d look like. It was his concept, and we detailed and contoured it to give him balance and feel.”

“He was really easy to work with,” added Brooks. “I had the chance to sit and talk with him, then we built him a prototype. He played it a while and then wrote some suggestions on the guitar and sent it back to us. The second, time we got it right.”

The Jag-Stang will be available in Sonic Blue and Fiesta Red from October 2021 here. Other newly annpunced Fender signature models include the Cory Wong Stratocaster, the J Mascis Telecaster (based on one of the Dinosaur Jr co-founder’s studio guitars), and a limited-run Screamadelica 30th Anniversary Stratocaster, which features Primal Scream’s iconic artwork.

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Fender’s Tammy Van Donk said in a statement of the launch as a whole: “As we begin the transition back to openings and look ahead to a music-filled fall and holiday season, we’re doing everything we can to provide dealers with products that will keep both new pandemic players and avid guitarists strumming throughout 2021 and beyond.”

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