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25 July 2021

Kirk Hammett Of Metallica: “I Feel Like We Haven’t Really Peaked”

Kirk Hammett Metallica
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Kirk Hammett has spoken about Metallica‘s 40th anniversary celebrations and suggested there’s new music to come from the heavy rock veterans. The guitarist – along with bass player Robert Trujillo – spoke to former baseball pitcher George Kontos (now a TV analyist and long-term Metallica fan) after San Francisco Giants’ victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. reports that Hammett broke away from discussing the game to discuss Metallica’s anniversary plans: “Man, it’s crazy when I think about four decades. ‘Cause I swear to God, it seems like just yesterday that we were on a tour bus somewhere in the middle of America, just trying to keep up with everything. And nowadays it’s just… Forty years passed so quickly. It’s amazing. What’s truly amazing now is the fact that I still feel like we haven’t really peaked, we’re still real hungry, we still wanna make music, we still care about music, we still care about each other. I don’t see any signs of us slowing down, man, ’cause we have stuff that we wanna do.”

Trujillo added: “You know, what’s insane about all this is that there’s no shortage of musical ideas and riffs and grooves and basslines. A lot of times when bands have been around that long, there is a shortage — people run out of ideas — and we have the opposite problem; we’ve got too many ideas. So it’s a good problem to have.”

In September this year Metallica will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their much-loved album, Metallica (aka ‘The Black Album’), with a “definitive” new reissue and The Metallica Blacklist, which will see over 50 artists each contributing interpretations of their favourite ‘Black Album’ song, with profits from the tribute record being split between charities of the artist’s choice and Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation.

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